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Had take-down surgery 2012, all has gone brilliantly. Lately I have noticed when I bear down for a bowel movement I am getting muscle pain deep in my buttocks and at the top of my hamstrings. Its difficult to pinpoint. I have always had to strain to empty properly. Has anyone had similar issues?


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I have being straining in the last year and will have to have a small operation for a stricture which is the cause of the straining. I have experienced with the straining some discomfort of the right leg which has produced a swelling of a vein all along the back. I will be talking about it with the surgeon if the straining could have caused this. A spoonful of olive oil early morning before breakfast has helped to make the evacuation much easier for a long time but now it is becoming more difficult hence the need of this op. Evidently straining is never good for us. Hope this can help some way. 


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