Hey, I had my takedown last Tuesday, and I find I'm straining with my BMS. Like most of it falls out with a tiny push, but then it feels like the last 5% of it is always just hanging near the end there. Which I have to strain in order to clear it. Is this normal this early? Its cause my anus to feel tender and it's getting annoying. Im going to the bathroom every 1-3 hours, which I expected. But its just irritating that I can't get that last little bit out without pushing pretty hard. 

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I wouldn't be overly worried.  It's probably mostly inflammation and gas.  Your symptoms will probably fluctuate quite a bit for the first few months while everything settles down, then continue to improve for 12 months 2 years.


For now, just accept you will be making lots of visits to the bathroom, try not to strain.  What really helped me was lying on my front, this helped gas escape and also reduced my bathroom visits (I still do this now 3 years on)

As Bobish suggests, straining is a *bad* idea. It can usually be replaced with patience - a second bathroom trip a few minutes later, or waiting on the toilet for a while. Another thing that might help is a bidet. Some of the symptoms you are experiencing may be related to straining rather than retained stool.

Your body is getting used to a different method of pooping, and your sphincter has a slightly different job than it used to. You’ll get there.

Thanks Scott, today was a lot better. No burning or straining. Only issue I'm having now is still getting use to my pouch filling. Gives me some awkward cramps that last a few minutes. But they are nowhere near as bad as it was the first few days. So I'm assuming with time the cramps should mostly go away. 

It should get better, you and your body will figure it out. I will suggest that planning to have a longer sit during your bm may help, just giving it time rather than straining. I know someone has posted on here concerns before about how long it takes sometimes. Hopefully you aren't already sitting for to long but I often take 20min, or longer especially before bed.

Good luck

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