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I just don't understand why I keep having stomach pain and burning. I can go a few weeks with no pain and doing great and then bingo pain and burning all weekend long. I have taken zantac, diagel etc and nothing is working.

I am thinking I should go back to the GI doctor. I am thinking it is my stomach now.

Has anyone else had these issues? Or any help would be great. Thanks so much
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To Rachelraven:

It is usually right after I eat. It doesn't matter what I eat. I am still not eating everything that others are able to eat. My take down was March 16, 2012. I am still working on that. But I will say after a year it is finally getting easier. I just don't understand my stomach.

Do you think it could be ulcers?

Thank you so much,
Possibly. My grandfather had a duodenal ulcer and a hiatal hernia, and had similar issues. Could be GERD (Reflux), though. I'd let your GI know. They might try you on an H2 blocker like Pepcid or a PPI like Prilosec... Or they may want you to eventually have an upper endoscopy. Best to start with your doc, though, so they can look at your whole picture.

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