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My first post albeit I've been visiting j-pouch.org since 2010 after my j-pouch surgery. Such a really good forum and community, and you can count me now in!

But to the point: I've been suffering fort the last few months of symptoms that made me believe I had a mild pouchitis. I've been waking up in the middle of the night having 'accident'. Nothing too much, just a few teaspoons of undigested food, but still VERY annoying. I tried to "take control" of the bag again with Cirpo and Flagyl, as I thought the symptoms are result of mild pouchitis (also had gas problems). Antibiotics however did nothing but only gave me a relieve to gas problems.

However, a week ago I got a stomach bug from our daughter and ended up vomiting basically from both ends of my body for two days. When the bug was gone and things began to settle, I found that all the other symptoms of my j-pouch had also gone. No nighttime leakage, no wake-ups, nothing at all...

Does anyone have experienced anything like this in the history? Or can anyone have any idea why "complete reset" of my stomach also gave relief to the symptoms I believed that was caused by mild pouchitis? Of course it might also be that I didn't have pouchitis in the first place as I my scope is due to next month. 


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Elrond, you may never know what was going on, and you’ll probably never know why it got better. I’m really glad it’s better, though!

This might be a good time to start a probiotic like Visbiome. If what you had was pouchitis that failed to respond to both Cipro and Flagyl then preventing a recurrence is especially valuable.

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