Hello, all. After 4 years of battling Ulcerative Colitis, and becoming steroid dependent, I had my first ileostomy step on Thursday the 12th. The surgery was a success, and the doctor said he removed "...about 6 lbs of diseased colon." This was done at the Cleveland Clinic which is about 30 minutes from me.

My main concern now is my stomach seems quite a bit distended and bloated. The doctors/nurses said that could last from 2-3 weeks so I'm not too concerned, as the stomach itself is soft to the touch and the stoma is working properly. I do hear a lot of gas coming from it, though.

That said, I'm assuming I can ascertain this is pretty normal, especially when it hasn't even been a week yet since I had my surgery? I was just surprised to see I had gained around 5-7 lbs and couldn't even fit in my jeans post-op. Plus, there's an obvious "bloat" when I look at my stomach from the side.

Thanks for any advice you're able to give me.
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If you're not feeling any pain and you have no fever then you're probably just experiencing the 'normal.' They manipulate things quite a bit and swelling sometimes takes a while to come down.

Many of us have had the shape of our bellys change after this surgery so maybe that 'bloat' is yours.

It seems like you're doing well and you certainly went to the very best place for your new plumbing. But if you continue to have concerns, don't hesitate to call and call again.

Welcome to the site. I hope everything goes as smoothly as possible for you.

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All normal. Things may be moving slowly, and you have some healing to do inside there. Bloat due to slow movement, and probably excess gas from what you say. Gas should resolve as your gut flora balances out again.

As for the weight gain, I wouldn't be surprised if it's mostly water weight. Not sure your experience, but I went into the hospital pretty sick but at 185 pounds. When I left I thought I was in the 160s until a week of fluid runoff (could fill about 2+ portable hospital urinals every night after getting home). Once the great runoff stopped, I weighed a measly 148 pounds. Our bodies do weird things when really sick plus being on meds at the hospital. I suspect that weight will come off.


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