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I am 9 months post ileostomy reversal. I have a j-pouch that hasn't been functioning great (constipation,  frequent, very small bowel movements) and i am scheduled for a Defecography on Friday.  If anyone has any info to share on this I'd greatly appreciate it. 

My real purpose for posting today though is to get your opinion on if I have a stomach bug or something going on with the jpouch.  

Yesterday morning I did a nine mile run. I had to stop once for the bathroom and race home to the bathroom when I finished.  This isn't unusual.  But as the day went on, I was in and out of the bathroom feeling the need to go, but not much would come out. I was also very gassy and very burpy. 

I feel asleep on the couch last night and woke up with a 100.2 fever and felt like I had been run over by a truck. I woke up in the middle of the night and had a good bm but it was diarrhea consistency.  The fever continued into this morning and I had a few more diarrhea episodes.  I was nauseous at one point but I never threw up. 

Right now i dont have a fever and I'm feeling a little bit better. However my stomach and back hurt. It feels like I've done a million sit ups. I still feel like I need to go to the bathroom but nothing is coming out very easily. 

Do you think this is anything to worry about? Is it just a passing stomach bug?  I never get sick, so this threw me. 

Thanks for any input


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Hi Kristen

I am sorry to hear you are feeling so rough I too am approx. 9 months post takedown and have a very badly functioning pouch but different to yours - I am sorry I don't feel qualified to offer advice. However I have had a Defecography and I absolutely promise you it was nowhere near as bad as I feared and was led to believe!!

I had a female radiographic go through the procedure with me and also insert the liquids etc she did say there were male team members behind the screen but I never saw them. 

I won't lie I was nervous and embarrassed but I just decided that they view me as yet another lump of meat and it was just another thing I needed to get through. I just decided to ' be bank's about it all.

You lay on your side (we've all spent a long time doing that!!) they insert a check of a lot of stuff up your bum (nothing new!!). You then have to sit on a loo seat with a bag attached below and push it all out to their command. It was all over very quickly.

Good luck and loads of positive thoughts xxx


Kristen, it's funny that you posted this as this was my experience this past weekend as well.  I have chronic issues with bowel obstructions and pouchitis so when I start to get stomach flu like symptoms, I'm always asking myself whether or not it's a virus or if it's a partial obstruction or severe pouchitis causing me problems.  I was in the hospital last year for an issue that was unlikely an obstruction or pouchitis, and it was assumed to be a very serious virus (water-like diarrhea hourly for almost a week).

In the end, this weekend, I'm hoping that it was a stomach bug, because my kids had a bug a week prior.  I think you'll have to take each episode as they come.  I was able to tolerate foods and liquids the next day and had a full recovery 2-3 days later.  I've had partial obstructions that were confirmed by x-ray that were mild like this too though.  With my history, I just need to keep on eye on everything and pray for the best.  

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