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Well, started Saturday, cramps  painful, swollen tummy, gas, no fever, no vomiting.  Cramps got worse after eating.  Stopped taking Imodium and Metamucil.  I have done home diagnostics and came up with, no blockage, because I have out, no Pouchitis because I don’t have those symptoms.  So figured maybe it is a bug like stomach.  Eating the BRAT diet since Sunday.

still taking a 3 mile walk ever morning, now, of course before eat anything, because I am not taking any Imodium or Metamucil.  Was tempted to take half of 50 mg tramadol but decided against because I don’t know what is going on.

emory (Atlanta)  ( surgeon) isn’t taking any calls unless emergencies.

its getting better slowly since I am on BRAT diet.

so I have an appointment with an gastroenterologist on Thursday afternoon. 
Had jpouch surgery May 2014 at 65 and been doing well since then.  
Really anxious...........

Any thoughts. Help is highly appreciated!

thank you!


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