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Hey guys, i had a surgery 2 weeks ago where they removed my jpouch( it didnt work and i had a lot of fistulas which caused problems so i had to get a permenant ileostomy ). So my question is, my stoma is still very watery, i take seldiar pills 2mg ( loperamid ) 6 7 times per day but i think it helps a little. I cant remember for how long did i have watery stools on previous surgeries so i am a little worried, i think my bowels took like a month to calm down but i cant remember, is it normal to have watery stools after 2 weeks? Sry for bad english and any help would be appreciated, thanks and have a good day

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Tnx for reply, first i was diagnosed with UC then i had my jpouch surgery, after that i had perianal fistula and my doc suspect that i had chrons, i had colonoscopy i my diagnosis was not chrons and not UC but Indeterminate IBD, last year small opening started to form on my skin and started pouring yellow pus from it, eventually i got to surgeon and he said it was fistula, i had surgery month ago to repair fistula and pouch but it formed again, then i decided to get permanent stoma and it formed again, now im lying in hospital on V.A.C pump and im doing ok for now, they are waiting for my wound to heal so i can get back on imuran and remicade and who knows what else to fix that fistula, i just hope that i wont lie in hospital for 2 months. Sad times, but i can walk around and move and i am happy about that.

I hope you are feeling better today. I remember the first month, as being from hell, after my j-pouch was removed. It's a very serious and complicated operation so please ask your doctors about anything you think doesn't feel right. Having the fistula sounds like hell and one big complication on it's own.

My largest problem was with the output. I tried every kind of pouching system over my stoma I could. The real problem was the inconsistency of the output. Besides what you are doing have you tried psyllium fiber? I mix it with applesauce to have after dinner. Imodium, Loperamide, is to be before the meal. I still use 6 loperamide daily, 3 before dinner and 3 before bed. I eat a protein smoothie made with fruits and veggies for breakfast and don't need anything as this produces a good stool.

Sorry if TMI! I suggest you keep a food diary including what kind of stool foods are causing you.

Best wishes for your recovery!

Yeah im feeling better now, everything i eat comes out very fast even tho i take loparomid, stool has improved a bit, not so watery any more. Im in hospital still since my wound has fistula and im on v.a.c pump to extract blood and pus so they can close the wound and get stitches. Gastro doc said that he cant treat me when wound is open, i need to be on v.a.c for 3 more days and then i can get my remicade and imuran, maybe corticosteriods idk what will he prescribe, i expect to be better as soon as i get my drugs, and hope that i wont be in hospital for too long, my fistula is the problem and i have no info on how will that play out. Cheers have a good day/night, srY for bad eng lol

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