I am still in the hospital, feeling very discouraged.

Yesterday They moved me to regular food. I had a few bites of chicken, salmon, rice. Body could not tolerate. I had major nausea, gas cramps, and threw up bile.

Started reglan today. Also taking zofran.

Getting depressed and wondering when things will get better?

Doc said I still should try eating a little.

Missing the ileo. Please help. Anyone experience something similar? Why all the nausea? Doc things my body needs more time to sort itself.
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I am assuming that you just had takedown?????
If so, you are just out of surgery, your intestines are still a bit swollen, sleepy and uncooperative...it takes time. Give your body and gut a chance to wake up...you have had general anesthesia and bowel surgery even if it was 'just takedown' it was still major surgery...And you have a pouch that is going to have to learn how to function. Give yourself a break...it can take a week. Sometimes a bit longer..be patient and stick to hot liquids like soup and tea and maybe aim to add a bit of rice to the soup (chicken rice soup is great post takedown)...don't rush it if you don't feel ready...But try not to be scared either...it is best to start eating while still in hospital where they can help if there is a problem.
Things will start looking up in the next few days, your insides just have to wake up. It's tough but try and stay positive, it helps your recover faster. Getting up and walking helps as well, start that as soon as they let you.
Thanks. Today I threw up a lot of bile twice. The doctor doesn't seem concerned and just keeps giving zofran and reglan. They said maybe my guts need more time to sort themselves out. Isn't throwing up this much bile dangerous? Or is it normal?

Pain is manageable... Stool is coming, not as much (only went 2x today instead of the usual 10-11 times).

Dr. Offered the NG tube and I said no. So I think they may put me back on NPO.

Why is my body reacting this way? Surgery was on 6/6. I guess I just need more time?
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I think a lot of bile is normal under the circumstances. When I had my colectomy a few months back I developed an ileus and was vomiting what seemed to be gallons of bile (none too tasty). Keep in mind that your innards never stop cranking out the bile even though they have not kicked into peristaltic gear just yet.

By the way, don't be intimidated by the NG tube. I know it is a foreign experience and sounds unpleasant, but it will provide quick relief to your nausea and vomiting - and it is temporary.
I never wanted the dreaded NG tube either, but I have to admit I felt so much better when all that bile was sucked out of me! I had mine for 24 hrs , it was uncomfortable feeling in my throat but well worth it in the long run. Good luck, my take down was April 18th, and today is my first full day back at work, it will get better.
ps I was in the hospital for 2 weeks after takedown.
I had takedown 5/31 and I felt sick to my stomach. They had me on zofran as well. It will get better. My bowels had been sleeping for over a year. I'm at home now but they wanted to re-admit me into the hospital because I just had an x-ray done and my intestines are twice the size they should be and I'm extremely bloated so something wrong is going on. I have to get a catscan tomorrow. I'm on 2 antibiotics. I'm going to the bathroom about 6 times a day. That seems to be going fine.

I'm sorry to hear you are throwing up. I dry heaved a lot in the hospital and it's the worst! Give it some time and I hope things will get better for you.
Patience patience patience. You just had a nice beating done to your body. It takes time for it to get back to itself. Don't be eating solid foods until you can handle the good stuff like jello and broth! If you can try - walk some. Walking will help get things moving in the right direction. good luck.

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