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About a year ago I started having vaginal burning. I developed a Bartholin cyst which was treated with antibiotics twice. Since then it's been the same pattern of a swelling (pimple looking) thing in the vagina along with burning, irritation and itching. What concerns me is that is worse when the pouch is full. I have passed air in tha vagina for the past year although there is no obvious stool or foul discharge (sorry for the graphics).  I have wondered about a fistula for the past year. I finally had the Bartholin cyst marsupialized but the irritation, redness, burning, pimple-thing has continued. And always worse when the pouch is full or gassy.  Hot baths help to ease it somewhat. There is apparently a 'tract' in the vagina that the gynecologist thinks goes no where. I have an MRI scheduled but not until the end of October. Is there anything I can do to try on my own to determine if this is in fact an rv tistula in the meantime? I feel pretty desperate. The end of October seems a long way off.

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Hello JHendrix,


I had a vaginal/j-pouch fistula diagnosed years ago.  I didn't know enough about it and it also started with a Bartholin cyst.  Please consider having your colo-rectal surgeon take a look at the situation.  I also consulted my gynecologist at the start.  She lanced the Bartholin cyst, and after that the fistula pathway completely opened and lots of future problems occurred.  Let your colo-rectal surgeon handle it rather than your gynecologist.


Just my two cents from someone whose been there...



I too had this cyst problem which is now a fistula my GYN  lanced it and of course it never closed over again but no pain or swelling either.  It only leaks on occasion when I am having obstruction issues.  It proved to be the least of my problems as I am now waiting to have pouch removal but am now 66 had my pouch since I was 35 so it was a pretty good run.  Good luck 

I need some help! I feel I have a similar cyst between vagina and anus and it is extremely swollen and hard and the size of a large pea just under the skin. My ginocologist thinks it is a thrombotic hemorroid as I have a few around the anus too and prescribed a week of 6 daflon tablets the 2 for a long time. It is also worst when there is a need to empty the pouch or gas and goes together with an extremely painful varicose vein in one of my calf. Anyone else with also a varicose vein? could it be only an hemorroyd gone very hard? Or the cyst you all mention. I have my jpouch since 2000 and now am having to strain a little more to empty, but generally have been working ok. Hendrix, have you met with the colorectal surgeon?

thank you for any more info. 

I also had a pimple like cyst on vagina and I tried to heal it myself.  After it popped I noticed That three more popped out and they were vey painful and treated those myself. I find it hard to discuss these things   When I went to gynecologist I mentioned it to her she said it was most likely ingrown hair.  I am now reading posts and thinking is it something that I should tell my gastro about?

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