Hey gang!

Well, I survived my k pouch surgery. Was a though one, spent two days in the ICU, was in the recovery for three days, and now not sure where I'll end up (they're playing musical beds with me today, on, or rather, in, bed #2, soon to be three!), but I'm eating solids, drainage removed, doing better slowly, thanks, as always, for all your support, Percocet kicking in, must sleep, later!

Eric Eeker
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Hi beautiful! Nice to hear that you survived the surgery and that they are keeping you busy moving beds....always nice when they come in to play...I am coming down on Monday to see you so you had better be up and running (and somewhere that I can find you!) No ICU! I want to see that smiling face sitting up in a normal bed and NO tubes.
Get some rest because I expect you to get up and dance a tango with me when I arrive>
I have seen some of your posts and have been rooting for you. I know it takes a lot of courage to go through so much and it is not easy to go forward with such a big surgery. Here's hoping you will mend quickly and will be up and about in no time.
It's about time you got your lazy (new) arse in gear and posted! I hope it's absolutely smooth sailing from here on out and you get back on your bike as soon as possible.

kathy Big Grin
Hi Eric,

I am so glad you are on the other side now. And who wouldn't recover faster with someone as great as Sharon coming to visit! Big Grin

Take it slow, steady and keep posting.

Well guys I can officially report thqt Eric is doing just fine, looks great and sexy as ever...too bad I didn't have enough time with him for much more than a hug but it was great (if not a bit painful for him)....so nice to finally meet a forum poucher in person!
And even nicer meeting you in person! Thank you, it made my week! Hope you have a safe flight, until we meet again! Big Grin
You are gonna make my hubby jealous!
Just get well and I will take you out to trip the light fantastic once you are perfectly (and I mean perfectly!) healed.
Good to see you are doing well Eric. You just take it easy and go slow with things so you heal properly. Love, hugs and kisses. (give some to Fred too.)I've been thinking, you should have plenty of time to write one of your famous poems. We have a lot of newbies that haven't been treated to your talents yet. Take care.

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