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I had my j pouch surgery in 1999 when I was 16.  I had rough patches adjusting to my new body, but overall I haven't had any major problems and have been pretty healthy.  However, I've always had some hydration issues, where my body doesn't absorb water well and I keep having to pee frequently especially in the morning if I don't eat something salty for breakfast. 

Anyway, fast forward 21 years (!), I'm now 7 week pregnant with my first child.  For the last week or two, I'm having some serous dry mouth.  I'm trying to keep up with my water intake, but it just makes me want to pee or even causes diarrhea, and my mouth still stays bone dry.  My mouth is so dry and my throat and lips are also hurting.  It wakes me up at least a couple times at night.  

I'm looking for any advice to stay hydrated during this time when my body needs so much water.... Thank you. 

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Please see your OB or family physician or gastroenterologist.  Make sure your electrolytes are are all normal before consuming too much water.  Even though you tend towards dehydration and don’t have a colon there is a phenomenon known as “water intoxication”.

perhaps you need to drink a solution that includes salt and sugar?  Have you tried chewing gum or sugar free candies?You need to keep that precious baby safe and you need to stay well balanced.

Wash your hands!

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