So I just received a ticket.  I was speeding,  trying to get to a bathroom, on my regular 1 hour commute from work.  The stretch I drive is without a bathroom stop for 45 minutes.  I was almost to the nearest stop when I was pulled for 70 in a 55.  I asked the trooper if they made concessions or exceptions for medical conditions.  He completely dismissed my question and wrote me a ticket.  I bet if he was about to soil himself he would be speeding too.  I support law enforcement but sometimes you run into one who's head barely fits underneath that big ass hat.

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State troopers are gonna give you one. 

Now a sheriff or local may have given you a break. 

But 15 miles over state is gonna give you one.. I woulda let loose while he was giving it to me. 

There has been many times I never made it. I just went back home. If it was in the way to work. Well. I called them. Not worth a 200$ ticket. Seriously. 

That sucks. I guess the main Issue for all of us is that there aren't enough decent public bathrooms in this world. I know the feeling, sometimes it's like we're on a rat race between different geographical points with toilet access - pretty degrading if you look at it. I'd speed too if I was in your position.

Not their problem at are putting the public at risk by driving over the limit, they do not care why. It is not their job to ask you why...unless you have a bullet wound or are in labor or have a passenger in cardiac arrest they do not care (and even then)...

Your intestines are the last of their concerns. 

Sorry, but they have enough to worry about without taking into consideration everyone else's medical conditions...according to them, if you know your condition then you should have taken the necessary measures/precautions to deal with it or prevent it...if not, you should not be driving. 


Wow Sharon,  you must be married to one.  Just so you know some of us have commute's to work to deal with.  I drive an hour one way and there is a 45 minute stretch where there is no bathroom at all unless you want to stop beside the interstate (and get a ticket for that as well).  This is a place to vent about conditions that we J-pouchers deal with,  which I did.  You would think you wouldn't be judged so harshly by someone who has to deal with the same issues.  Let's all hope you don't soil your car seat with that Karma.  Have a better day.

Sorry Dave, I did not mean to come off harsh or judge  but give you the other side of the argument.  And no my hubby not only isn't in the police force but a fervent anti-facisit. 

Just as a side note,  I travel 90mins by subway to work and then have another 25mins on foot. No toilets in the subway and no place to empty out my pouch. I leave before 7am.

I have no choice but to fast. If I want to keep working. So I do and have been doing this for 35yrs.

It isn't fair...sure but as my sister-in-law who is an elected official gotta go when you gotta go.

She drives 2hrs each way sitting on a triple folded towel over a blue pad. Keeps a 2nd towel over her lap. 

Not ideal but at 73 she isn't ready to retire.

You gotta go when you gotta go.. .are adult pads an option?



I've had this happen multiple times. I've gotten tickets and not gotten tickets. I've almost gotten tickets for going on the side of the freeway multiple times. Years ago I got a card from the Ulcerative Colitis foundation that says I have a medical condition that requires a restroom and every place i stop at to use the restroom, let's me use theres. But the times I've had a cop pull behind me while I'm going on the side of the road, the most common response is a laugh. I've also s%$t my pants while the cop was going to give me a ticket and they let me go. I think the issue is anyone could use it as a excuse. The cop doesn't know if it's true or not. Cops are lied to everyday. It's all how you handle it and address it. I've had people driving me and they get pulled over because they dont want want me to have a accident in there car and there freaking out at the cop while I've jumped out and gone right there. The cop gave my "friend" a ticket for speeding and then told him he was giving him a ticket for being a a$%hole. This ways YEARS ago and many things have changed. 

I guess my only point is we have all been there and it happens. 

Man it sucks but they are always gonna give you a ticket. When I was bad I would carry an extra set of pants,boxers,socks and shoes. Also a pack of wet wipes a towel and a couple of garbage bags. If I had to pull over I’d open both doors hide between them and let fly into a garbage bag fuck it. I could care less if anyone sees fuck em. 

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