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Hi everyone! I'm new to the forum and only had my takedown/reversal 10 days ago. I've been making a little progress each day and have been dealing with the typical post-surgery symptoms like butt burn and around 20 bowel movements a day. The only thing I've been worried about is that I've been having this sharp stabbing pain since the day after surgery. It comes and goes and it feels like it's behind my urethra and testicles. The pain may possibly be in my pouch but it feels closer to my genitals. The sharp pain almost feels like nerve pain. It seems to especially when I either pee or poop but it also affects me randomly throughout the day. The sharp pain seems to go away if I lay down and don't move. But when the pain strikes I'm unable to move making it ever so hard to get up to use the restroom. I'm taking oxy, ibuprofen, tylenol, and gabapentin and none of them seem to take the sharp pain away. I told my doctors while I was in the hospital about the pain but they didn't seem to worry and discharged me a day after surgery. I ended up going to the emergency department 2 days later because of the pain. After testing my blood, urine, genitals and prostate they once again decided that it was nothing. I was just wondering if anyone has had similar pain post-surgery or if they have any insight as to what it is. I know I've only just had surgery so I understand this may just be my body adapting.

And thank you so much to the people on this forum! It has already helped me so much! I look forward to contributing.

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I can tell you that after my colectomy two years ago, but before takedown my testicles swelled everyday.

I went for an ultrasound of testicles and I had a hydrocele of the right testicle.  It took a number of weeks to resolve and I am still careful today not to aggravate it.

so pain/nerve damage would be fairly common after colectomy.  However,  I would think that they are not in your pelvis during takedown.

so am I thinking like Scott, that maybe you have an irritable pouch situation.  I suffer from that and take levsin to alleviate it. The pain is similar to IBS.

have they ruled out a UTI or prostatitis, which would cause pain similar to what you are experiencing?

have you spoken to your surgeon, who should still be caring for you for at least the next couple of months?

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Pelvic Floor Dysfunction. While I am dealing with one issue I am not happy about, the pain you describe is exactly the same. If so it may be the Pudenal nerve. My pain was constant since 1995. I just learned to live with it but due to fecal incontinence I ended up in PF Physical Therapy. BUT, be sure its a PT who has experience with your plumbing. It did bring relief for me.

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