Hello everyone so I had a Colectomy earlier this year at my local hospital, I now have a end ileo and I have heard good stuff about the st marks hospital in harrow so I told my surgeon to refer me there and I wanted to get referred to a certain surgeon who I thought was still working but it turns out he has retired so I have been referred to a different surgeon but at the same hospital his name is Mr Janindra Warusavitarne does anyone know much about this surgeon ? People from the UK I would really appreciate your input on this as I know the j pouch is a complicated operation and I want to be in the best of hands. 

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Hi Janindra is my surgeon at St Marks and with total honesty can tell you that you have truly 'hit the jackpot' !! I do not have anything negative at all to say about him or his team. I was referred to him for an extremely problematic ileostomy about 7 years ago and he then performed my 2 pouch surgeries.

JW is very down to earth, he gives patients the time they need in appointments and has always really listened to me. He has always been incredibly thorough with all required tests and taken time to discuss results and options. He has brought forward appointments when necessary ( his secretary Meeta can do magic!) I have never had any surgical complications, and on top of all that he is a really nice guy.

If you Google him you will get his professional history. 

I would also add that the specialist nurses at St Marks are beyond brilliant, they are always available for help and advice.

The only downside is that sometimes appointments run quite late but this is only due to earlier patients being given extra time if they need or emergency surgeries - neither are a negative in my book 😁 

Hope this helps, feel free to ask anything else.

Uk is different to countries like USA!  NHS bowel specialists are very capable, although some may prefer not to do a certain operation laparoscopic ally, ST marks is the flagship hospital in UK for research into bowel conditions and bowel ops.   Any doctor that works there will be very capable.


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