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Hi. I would love to hear the pros and cons of a squatty potty. I have a j-pouch and have been straining to empty it for years now and someone mentioned a squatty potty could be helpful.


I'd love to hear the pros and cons of one. Also, I see you can buy it on Amazon but there are three kinds.. one is adjustable, one is 7 inches, one is 9 inches ... how do you know what is the right one ?  Maybe it's better to buy it at a store so you can return it? Maybe it's not returnable??  Also, can one can just go buy a child's step stool (but what information I would need for that) and it would do the same thing.


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We have the 9" one.  Bought it on Amazon only about $25.  Works well for the entire family (2 jpouchers and even the non - jpouchers).  I suppose you can try a 9" step stool if you have one.  But your feet should be positioned slightly out to the side not directly in front of you.  You can Google videos of Squatty Potty.  Some people say simply leaning back or at different angle helps them go more easily.  Can't really think of any cons.



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I am short.. and my toilet is a regular size. So, from what you and the others are saying, it sounds like the nine inch one is best. I am also very active and flexible. Bubba.. where to you live? Want to sell yours? Although I suppose shipping could be expensive and a hassle. 


I am wondering if Bed Bath and Beyond sell it since they return everything if you are unsatisfied. I will call them later today.  It does sound like it's worth trying out to avoid all the straining I do.



I found a 7 inch TRAVELING Squatty Potty at Bed, Bath and Beyond. The salesperson I had uses one so he was quite helpful. They only sold a regular 7 inch and a 7 inch traveling size. The traveling size comes with a nice black case. I will set it up later today at home. If it's the right size, it will be great because I travel to dance weekends about once a month and I was wondering.. well.. what will I do if I love the Squatty Potty? What will I do when I travel? The best thing about going to the store and getting it is that they have a great return policy. So, if it's not the right size, then I can return it and order the 9 inch.Thanks for the advice to buy one! 

Yeah, I am going to return mine. It didn't help in the least and was uncomfortable. Plus, no matter where I put it.. aside the toilet, in the hall next to the bathroom, in my den to pick up when I went to the bathroom, I kept tripping over it, stubbing my toe and the like. I don't live alone so I didn't want to leave it at the toilet. In any case, it did not help my issue with straining and now I am back to the starting gate.


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