I debated posting this, but thought it might give a few people a giggle: this is my experience with stoma appliance changing shortly after surgery: http://www.feistybroad.blogspot.nl/ It's the post called "Healing, Part Two (In 55 Easy Steps)".

For those with new stomas, please note: It really does get better! I now complete the entire change process in 4 minutes flat. So don't let this discourage you!

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Bahahahaha. Gin. You. Are. Hilarious.

Seriously funny. I have yet to spring a leak but when I do, I will be thinking of your 50 steps to changing your bag.

Well done!

P.S. I am totally supportive of the mandatory "cussing" steps. An emergency change wouldn't be complete without 'em!
Let's see.

When I first had my stoma and learning about the appliance, anytime a dog would fart I was certain it was a leak.

Later, as I was used to things, I had a root beer and went to bed.

All I clearly remember is the bag blowing off from all the gas, a sh!t geyser spraying all over my sheets, wall, closet, floor, while sleepily trying to find the bathroom.

When I had finished showering and cleaning up, I remember my dog staring at me as if to say, "We potty OUTSIDE"

It does get better!

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