Spasms in or near K-pouch

I had some spasms 3 or 4 months ago. My surgeon wanted me to have a CT scan done. He said I could have a partial obstruction. ( I had no symptoms - no nausea. No cramps. No pain. And always had good output whenever I intubated. Anyway, I did schedule a scan. But, by the time I was to have the scan performed - the spasms went away totally.) I canceled the scan.

I have had no spasms at all since last summer, but today I have a few and they last for just a few seconds.

Does this mean anything? Have any of you ever had spasms? Just curious. Thanks.
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What have you been doing diffferenly? Activity? Sports, foods, diet, meds????
A lot of that can influence your pouch and its functions...including cramps and spasms...other than that I have no idea...are you suffering from any form of dehydration? That can cause spasms too due to electrolyte imbalance.
Hope that it turns out to be nothing
I don't have a k. I have a j-pouch. But I have the same problem as you. My pouch is 18 years old and about 3 months ago, out of the blue I start to have rather small spasms. Otherwise, nothing else has changed. Same output,and frequency. Not exactly painful, but bothersome nonetheless. I too, am wondering what it could be. It is like a mini gas pain. I say mini, because I do not really suffer from gas. Wish I knew what could cause this. Been scoped and do not have pouchitis. Weird. And annoying.
Thanks CJB,

I have had this K-pouch since 1976. This is the first time I have had these spasms. My surgeon in NYC thinks spasms can indicate a partial obstruction. He suggests that I get a CT scan. If things don't clear up soon, I suppose I will schedule a CT scan. OK, so they may find a tiny stricture or a bit of a kink. Then what? Surgery?

Or, could I just live with the spasms? Get's a bit complicated.
Thanks for the partial obstruction tip. I stopped taking metamucil a few weeks ago, and that helped a tiny bit. But how long would a partial obstruction last? Not weeks, right? Maybe the problem can mysteriously disappear, just as it appeared. That would be fine with me.
I might ask for a CT scan also.

hi--i've had obstructions, which are accompanied with pain, bloating, nausea (when very bad.)  has your doctor considered adhesions, caused by surgeries?

who do you see in nyc?  i go to dr. kiran.

it might be worth it to have your electrolytes checked.  certainly easier than a scan. i've had imbalances and don't recall spasms related to them, but everybody is different.

when were you last scoped?  do you get them on an annual basis?

it is always discomforting to not know what is causing a problem and whether it's symptomatic of a serious matter.  so i hope you can find out.  keep us posted please.  janet

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