please look up .dr. siebecker who has a blogg and a clinic in portland org. for digestive health especially study of S.I.B.O.

GO TO to get in loop and receive newsletters and learn about dr. was from her news letter i got info about generic rifaxin not having same properties as the branded..which may or may not account for why it works for some and not others..

generics are not dangerous but just may not be as effective..who knew???almost everything we take with insurance is generic ,cheaper for insurance co and they work well enough for most things..i believe unless our drs insist insurance co will give generic..
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Rebecca, as I mentioned in another thread, I searched the website you mention, and could find NO indication of comparisons of generic vs. brand name Rifaximin studies. I could not find it on PubMed either.

Perhaps she was extrapolating information from other studies about other antibiotics in her newsletter. If I cannot look at the study, I cannot comment.

Jan Smiler
i believe that was it..good find jan i could not find it after having seen it lol...i believe she said in that writing it was missing also two things..but do not remember what they were..i guess the point being it was not as effective or the better point for all of us is generics are not necessarily the same as original and may not work as well if we start on a brand..

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