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I am approximately 7 weeks into a temp ileo and just started running again. Is there something I should be doing to "secure" my ostomy? I didn't wear anything supportive and have been experiencing a little soreness and swelling in my abdomen. Is this normal? I didn't do anything extreme (only about 2 miles, tops). Any advice/personal experiences would be much appreciated.


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I have run 3half marathons with an ileostomy. I just wear TIGHT shorts that fully cover the ostomy. None of those fancy cute running shorts with little panties in them. I wear more like "boy shorts" varying lenghts depending on the weather.
Thanks for the information ladies. I will definitely wear something tight over it as suggested. Liz, does your ileostomy ever feel sore or get swollen from running? I don't think I'll be running any half marathons anytime soon (good for you!), but definitely am trying to get back into shape after surgery.

Thanks again!

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