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Wow. It has been a long time since I've posted here. I'm gone but hopefully not forgotten

My pouch turned 15 years old this year, and my daughter (who is now 18 and in college) had her 10 year pouch birthday this year. Both of us are doing well.

So a few years back I finally went to the dentist for the first time in a long time (10+ years). I got a decent report - no cavities or issues, except some mild periodontal issues. So I went to the periodontist a couple times in a six-month period, and my teeth and gums have never been cleaner. Two changes I made:

  1. I started flossing every other day (as opposed to 1-2 times a week)
  2. I got a spin brush and started using it. My periodontist said to buy the $75-$100 version, not cheaper, and not more expensive

Since that time a few years back, I no longer go through cycles of issues with my j-pouch. For years I could go months without issues, then would hit a point where the frequency and consistency became an issue. I would usually have to down an antibiotic to "reset" things, and would then be good again for a period of months. It was an annoying cycle. I told my CR surgeon (who checks my pouch every couple years) and she was somewhat intrigued. The change makes sense to me - because gut bacteria issues can certainly start in our mouths. That's my hypothesis anyway. So... get and keep your teeth and gums clean and see if it makes a difference for you!

Okay - second topic.... My wife said I should post it. How many of you find you have stupid bathroom dreams in the night - when you have to go? I have them frequently and it's always the same theme: in my dream, I try to find a bathroom. Most of them are occupied, or for some reason I can't find one that I like. I usually end up finding one, but it's almost always a weird bathroom & toilet. And there are usually people around when I go (although it doesn't seem to bother me in the dream). Eventually I wake up, of course, and realize I have to go. But this is so annoying!

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Love this post! It is so interesting, and truly does makes sense when you think about it. I will definitely be paying more attention to my mouth health. Thank you for sharing!!!

And YES! I have such weird bathroom dreams often as well...almost always in my dreams, I am searching and searching for a bathroom. I will finally find one in a bizarre place, but when I go to use it, it suddenly becomes submerged underwater so it is destroyed and unusable. Weird!!!

It is always good to hear from someone with experience...I am nearly 3 months out with my pouch. Glad to hear you and your daughter are doing well!

I have occasionally had such dreams and awakened to find out it's the real thing. It doesn't happen too often but it has happened. I suspect your sleeping brain knows something is going on in the Pouch and manufactures a dream to correspond to such impulses. I wake up immediately whenever I have had such dreams and then checked to see if my underwear has something in them, and they always do. Fortunately though and like I said, this is a rare occurrence. 99% of my nights are dry and bathroom dream free.

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I have weird bathroom dreams all the time as well.  I find myself searching for a usable toilet but there is always a problem with each toilet I find, its always either disgustingly filthy or without any privacy and there are always people around. Then I wake up and find that my pouch is full.  Glad I am not the only one with the toilet dreams.

Definitely believe there is a relationship between mouth and gut health and sickness.
Weird dreams and not finding the appropriate toilet is so true.  Mine are mostly at a grocery store - which not usually use a grocery store toilet but is part of my dreams also a subway which I live in Colorado and we don’t have anything similar to a subway nor I ever lived in a city with a subway but in my dreams I search for the toilet at the subway.  

So here’s my theory on why we can’t find a toilet, or the ones we find are disgusting, unusable, etc. I think our brain knows we have to go, but doesn’t want to go in our sleep. So, we just can’t find a usable toilet. Because if we did, we might actually crap ourselves.

@CTBarrister - when you have had the ones where you actually do go, do you remember if you actually went in the dream too? Sorry - awkward question but might validate the theory. Although I think I’ve actually gone in my dream but not real life?

I had to chuckle when I read about your dreams.  I have the same dreams, the same way.  Can't find a bathroom & it's always disgusting, etc.  So glad I'm not the only one.

This disease is indeed a tough rode.  So glad we have this forum & can discuss & get good feedback that we can relate to.

I get my teeth cleaned every 6 months.   I have periodontal disease but, under control. 

Yeah... the bathroom dreams are such a drag - especially if it's multiple nights in a row And I am glad to have this place too, where we can discuss such things. We joke at home all the time (with two j-pouchers) about how not many dinner discussions go by without something about poop being discussed. "It's the IBD life for us (to re-use and re-purpose a song from 'Annie')!"

Wow, I have had these dreams for years.  I am looking and looking for a toilet usually in a large building with offices and I'm going to each floor looking for privacy.  I often find bathrooms without walls where there are just toilets where everyone can see each other.  I'm searching and searching and finding disgusting toilets or toilets without privacy.  I really thought I was the only one.  

LOL - you are far from the only one Allison. So funny this is such a common thing. Especially the aspects of:

  • We can't find a toilet (I theorized above that may be our body's / mind's way of keeping us from pooping ourselves in our sleep)
  • There is little to no privacy (I have no idea what this is about)
  • The toilets are usually disgusting (I don't know that I have this aspect to my dreams and I'm not sure what that is about either)

This is just one more thing for us to talk about at home with our family. So many conversations - even with extended family - migrate to talking about poop. And I'm always blamed for the conversation going there - but really... I'm not always the instigator LOL

Yep.  Exact same bathroom dreams.  Often the toilet is overflowing with wet TP and waste, or it's all over the floor.  So I gotta keep searching.  I get distracted in between the searches and other things happen in the dreams.  I'm always in old houses or factories-places I generally like.  In one, my brother was upstairs working on a radio commercial for "Illegally warmed leather-your hop shop alternative-for those who have to fly in late on a week night."  Only one time I did actually find some relief during a dream but luckily did not find soiled drawers upon waking.  I think a gas bubble must have shifted or something. 

I love hearing about y'all's poopy dreams!

I do have really good oral hygiene, and I haven't all of my life.  I didn't notice a gut change when I started flossing nightly and brushing more thoroughly.  Maybe there was one but I wasn't looking for it!  I'm more motivated now to not skip flossing.  It happens on occasion-if I'm sick or tired, or sick and tired.

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