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I have not seen a GI or a Colorectal surgeon since 2013.  The only thing I do to keep my pouch going (as well as can be expected), is to take 1 probiotic (from Costco) per day.

My pouch is now 5 years old and I probably use the bathroom about 4 times a day.   About once a year, I might have a slight accident while sleeping.. and I never get up at night.

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Wow.  Good for you.  My pouch will be 5 years old on November 21.  I love it.  Dealing with peri-anal abscesses and a seton drain but would not change my pouch for anything.  The only thing I can’t eat is blueberry.  Butt burn beyond imagination.

happy pouch birthday to you.


Glad to hear things are well, I just don't think one probiotic per day is what's making the difference but if it makes you feel better mentally then that's good too. Most jpouchers don't encounter many problems no matter what supplements they take.

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