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NOTHING seems to keep me asleep more than 2hrs. then sometimes I can go back to sleep or can't b/c I feel I have to go. If sleepy enough I can go back to sleep but wake up more often. sometimes have accidents other times I don't. Took ambien and didn't do anything crazy except after a couple of hrs. if I talked I wouldn't remember having conversation. thought if that was only bsd thing worth 2hrs sleep but aggravated husband and b/c it didn't keep me asleep for long I was even less alert next and affected memory. Is there anything someone has taken that has been good. I know everybody is different so what wks for one might not another.
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I've been reluctant to take a sleep aid because as it is now, I wake up prior to needing to use the bathroom and so I don't have any nighttime accidents. I don't want to be so deeply asleep that I won't realize the need to awaken and use the bathroom. Sometimes I do have trouble going back to sleep but I'm lucky. I'm retired basically and can take a nap during the day, if needed. Best wishes in finding an answer which works for you.
I never take anything for sleep (fear of my pouch over-filling and not waking in time to empty it.)but I did make a discovery years ago that works really well...I take gravol (motion sickness med) when I am traveling by plane(+6hrs). I took one to keep my pouch quiet (it slows down the digestive system...) and I would end up falling strait to sleep.
Whenever I have dizziness or nausea I take one and I sleep like a is worth the try if you only use it occasionally...if you are afraid of being knocked out for too long you can try the chewable child's great on me for short trips...
I have been struggling with sleep issues since my takedown over 2 years ago. I tried ambian and do not care for it and the side effects scared me.

I take one xanax when I really need to get some sleep if I have had several nights in a row of very restless, disturbed sleep. I often wake at least twice a night to empty my pouch no matter what bowel slowers I have taken. So far, I have never had an issue with any accidents while taking Xanax, and I find I can get a pretty solid four to five hours of deep sleep after taking it and to me that is pure heaven.

To be honest, a small accident would not even bother me at this point as long as I am able to get at least 5 hours or more of solid sleep. It has been a real challenge and being sleep deprived for days on end is no treat and I often am unable to take a nap during the day.
Xanax is a good alternative. What kind of ambien are you taking. My wife has issues falling asleep but also issues getting back to sleep in the middle of the night so we did some research and looked some stuff up. After our research she asked her Dr if she could be switched from regular Ambien to Ambien CR (controlled release) this works good because instead of delivering one knock out punch she gets little spurts of the medicine for a 6-8 hr period so if she wakes up she's able to go back to sleep easier. I can definitely relate after falling asleep then being woken up by your bowels and having to sit on the toilet for a good 15-20 minutes uncomfortably it is extremely hard to go back to sleep after that.
An alternative to prescription sleep meds is to try taking OTC Benadryl for Allergy. It is frequently recommended for sleep by psychiatrists and other MD's. I have used it myself and it does make me quite drowsy and able to fall asleep. I don't think it would make you sleep so deeply that you would be unable to make it to the bathroom, but as you say, everyone is different. You could try out a very small amount and see how it effects you and dose from there. I hope you have sweet dreams soon. Being sleep deprived is a terrible feeling.
Dr prescribed me trazadone 1/2 a pill to a full pill depending on what works for men.. I know its basic function is to help ward off depression but I guess it helps insomniacs too.. I was on Ambien for a while and worked quite well but the Dr was in fear of me becoming addicted so he switched me over. So, on the nights ill know I need it... I just eat 4-5 hours before bed take my trazodone, 2 Immodiums and my fiber supplement and I sleep like a baby with no accidents... Hope this helps
Thanks for the replies. Not pleasant to be 49 having bowel accidents but at times I get so low I don't let it bother me. Only had one once that was very embarrassing b/c I was at someone's house and totally made a mess on their sheets. I was asked by doctor if I wake up think I have to go or having to go wake me up. Took me a long time to figure it out and maybe it is both at times but more having to go waking me up. Occasionally I wear a depends just in case but seems that causes problem with having yeast infections (anal area). I do find I sleep a little better when I wear one b/c whether conscious of it or not I am not concerned if I do have an accident. Thanks again. Really helps to correspond w/others that understand.
I know this post is a few months old but could you enlighten me on what you consider a good nights sleep? I can fall aspleep at 9pm but know I will be up at 12:30....2:30....4 or 5 am and again around 6 or 7. during the night I wake up more times but am able to fall back asleep without going to bathroom.If I get drunk I sleep most of the night but thats not a long term solution
i take .5 mg trazadone and 1 mg of clonazepam. i know, i know, clonazepam can be habit forming and many drs. will not subscrib it. But i think having an excellent nights sleep is a good habit. to me a good nights sleep is as important for your health as not smoking. i have been taking it since my takedown 10 years ago. i sleep like a baby and do not wake up groggie or anything. i get up once during the night to go to b- room. i have always had problems with lack of sleep because of anxiety and this takes care of that. That said, i believe clonazepam slows the heart rate so other health issues need to be considered.
Some nights I also take .5 mg of alprazolam (zanax). WIthout it am up 2-3 times a night and have a hard time falling back asleep. My sleep patterns have become totally messed up since my surgery almost three years ago. I don't like taking this medication, but sometimes I am so exhausted from repetitive nights of disturbed sleep that I need the medication to get 5 hours uninterrupted sleep. It makes a huge difference
in how I feel when I can get that much uninterrupted sleep.I also notice the nagging stomach pain I often have in my pouch is dulled when I take this medication.
Sleep is trouble with a Jpouch..but for me ..i eat rice for dinner and i eat at fruits or veggies for dinner. If i decide to eat again at night its ok past 11pm..but no veggies or fruits. I have to make sure the pouch is empty 2 times before i sleep.Melotonin 300mg (Sundown) helps. Ibuprophen slows things down as well. If needed I can take Tamazapam pills during a pouchitis flare.
Nothing worse than a no-sleep night with major urge going on the entire time. Klonopin used to be my go-to sleep fix but as Sharon mentioned, with some potions you don't wake up when the Pouch signals. When I take 0.5mgs of Klonopin I seem okay but any more than that and I wake up in a pool of stool, awful! The other item that seems to work is Seroquel, the eyes get heavy in about 20 minutes and lights out!

I also have trouble sleeping with the JPouch. It's tough because each day truly is different from the previous one. I'm finishing up my 7th semester of undergrad after missing a year from UC and surgeries, but to help sleep I'll usually take melatonin(1-3mg) every other night or so. Sometimes I'll take a 5mg Valium if I really can't sleep, and it helps although I don't like waking up feeling groggy. Most normal people just don't understand how frustrating and exhausting it is to be woken up 2-3 times nightly because of the pouch. Hope you along with many others, myself included, can find some relief.

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