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I went to the beach yesterday as it was a glorious hot spring day in Melbourne. While there, my bowels decided it was time. I had to quickly switch out bags twice behind a bathing box in the sand dunes (oh so much easier than actually having to take a crap the old way!). Lacking a bin, I tied the bags into scented diaper bags and put in the zip up make up bag I carry spare supplies in.

Then on the way home we stopped for some groceries and some a-hole stole my handbag. I only figured it out when I went to go out this morning and couldn't find it. There were a couple of transactions gone through my accounts but the bank reversed them and my cards are all stopped - no harm done except for the inconvenience. Thankfully my phone was in my pocket and my keys in my hand .

But I can't stop laughing at the nice surprise the thief would have found when rifling through the contents of my bag

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Love it!

Reminds me of the story in the N.Y times years ago about a purse snatcher who grabbed the bag out of the hands of some dog walker...The man got away...With the poop that the walker had picked up!

I love devine justice! (it is just devine!)


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