I had my takedown almost 1 year ago. Diagnosed with UC in 2016, total colectomy with rectum removed. I now have my J-Pouch & have had severe pains since the day of my takedown. About 4 month ago I learned how to pass gas by laying on my stomach which helped relieve some of the rumbling pains I was having. Here I am almost a year later & I am passing gas over 200 times a day (yes, seriously), long bouts of wind repeated about 20 times every few hours. I am finding myself spending half of my day on all fours trying to let out gas, this is no way to live. 

My diet:

White Rice & Avacado with soy sauce, salt & pepper

Potatoes (French Fries no skins, I found a place I frequent that special preps them for me) Definitely keep thing pretty thick.

Coffee (small amount of cold brew, very low acidity)

Matcha Green Tea with soymilk (warmed)

Gluten free rice bread, usually with peanut butter

Boxed Butternut Squash soup (has garlic powder in it)

Occasional Dark Chocolate


Lemon Water 

Ginger/Tumeric powder added to water sometimes

I pretty much live off of the above foods, I cannot tolerate fruits, vegetables and about 90% of other foods.

VegaOne Protein powder shakes, with banana, coconut oil, peanut butter, sometimes soy protein powder, & almond milk ( I cut this shake out of my diet for a week & still having problems, I thought maybe the powder or bananas were causing gas).


I have been vegan for about 6 weeks, I do not do well with meat. After becoming frustrated of eating such a limited diet I had a chicken soup the other day which was soothing, & had some cooked salmon earlier today. The salmon was refreshing & easy to digest however it gives me liquid stools.

Before anyone points out foods that are causing gas, let me state that I have been dairy free for months, I hardly consume any sugar, & I don't eat junk food. I have tried the elimination diet & have cut most of the above foods out for several days with no/little change. My only concern with my current diet is the starch from the rice & potatoes. Possibly soymilk, dark chocolate, or bananas (fructose)? Either way no food should be causing this much gas.


Canasa Suppositories

Hydrocortisone Suppositories 


Gas-X doesnt help it only makes me pass more gas. Beano doesn't help it contains Mannitol (Sugar Alcohol) which actually causes gas for me. I don't chew gum, & I am trying to eat slower. I find some relief with probiotics, sometimes they cause me to have more gas, sometimes they calm things down.

Im on a course of rifaximin antibiotics being treated for what my doctor thinks is SIBO, I have undergone this antibiotic treatment several times with little to no results.

I have tried the low FODMAP diet & am still working on getting it right

Any & all advice is appreciated, again I am passing so much gas that is is unbearable & I can barely leave my house. No one believes me besides my Mother & my very supportive partner. No jokes or comments, its just ignored however they hear it and deal with it well & it is truly embarrassing for me. When I say how much gas I am passing, I know some of you may have experienced this however others don't believe me or understand. I need it gone now! Or at-least for it to sow down. I have passed gas over 200 times today, I have to sit in a certain position to pass gas never standing or laying on my back. Always on all fours or laying on my stomach. This tremendous amount of gas & pain is unbearable & I will try nearly anything to stop it. Please help.

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Potatoes are something that is super gassy for me , earlier post op I though its just the recovery phase and I was trying to gain weight so I ate them alot . But now I stay away from them . Rice is a mixed thing sometimes I feel great , sometimes it just makes me bit gassy but nowhere close to what I get with potatoes. You can try maybe switching to sweet potatoes instead. Other things that make me gassy are high protein meals. I've realised that I cannot do only eggs/ meats , I have to eat sufficient amount of carbs along with some veggies to make the thing digest properly. Also I cannot do big salads.

Brown bread on peanut butter, bananas, pastas, anything thats boiled to soft is great. Anything's thats fried is not so. I am not telling you to cut off fried but try eating more boiled things for a change . And add more bulking foods than soups, I try to eat meals at planned times that helps with the bms and gas. Also try maybe intermittent fasting.

Avacados and garlic powder are both  possible issues for gas. I believe they are also on the bad side of the low fodmap.

I had lots of gas with no bm changes, and it turned out I had pouchitis and antibiotics was the only thing that worked as well as following the low fodmap diet.

Hi Pouchobro,

So sorry you’re going through such a rough time.  I sympathize with your frustration 100%.  You’re not alone.  In fact I was just relieved from the hospital  two weeks ago (blockage) and my biggest problem it is how to deal with so much gas. 

I truly believe the diet have a lot to do with your problem. In my case: Pepper, garlic, fried foods, any caffeine beverages and dark chocolate cause me so much pain and lots of gas.  You can start eliminating one item at a time as an experiment and see if the gas production decrease.  You also can try hot breakfast meals (oatmeal, rice) to bulk your stools.  They are delicious and high source of nutrients.  Another tip I found useful it was home made chicken soup.  Check for a variety of recipes online). I cook little chicken pieces, carrots, egg noddles and potatoes on mine and then put it in a blender.  The consistency is creamy and tastes good.  For the fries I suggest don’t deprive yourself if you enjoy them.  Maybe you can bake potatoes slices on the with olive oil instead of soy or try directly to fry them with olive oil and see what happens.  

I believe taking off a few items from your diet, and slowly introduce new ones will help you to regulate that excessive production of gas.  It will get better.  Unfortunately us, the jpouchers fellows need to try and try so many times different options on meds, foods, habits.  So don’t give up, I’m sure you got this. 

Good luck,


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