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I've been having a lot of belching issues lately. I had a stricture back in September that we believed to be the culprit, it was dilated, and per a contrast enema imaging series I had last week it is still dilated and not re-stricturing. So I'm wondering why I'm still so damn gassy. I've had my j-pouch for four years and this only started to become a problem over the summer. I was expecting it to stop post-dilation, and am peeved that it has continued. I have an appointment with my GI, but he's hard to get to see so that won't be until February. I've been taking Prilosec per his advice in the meantime and it's helped some, but I still get belchy and it's quite frustrating.

I'm wondering if anyone else has upper GI gas unrelated to a blockage or stricture? Part of me wonders if it's a side effect of Wellbutrin which makes  me fart like it's my day job, but the belching didn't start until a few months after I started taking it so my GP is skeptical of that theory.

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Are you maybe getting sensitivity to a food. I know a few foods I stay away from due to them causing me gas. I don't fart unless I'm on the toilet, so I know a lot of gas/belching can be painful to deal with. Trying the low fodmap diet may help to determine if it's food related. The only other thing I can think of is pouchitis causing excessive gas.

Sorry I can't comment on the other things you mentioned as I have no reference.  Good luck

Diet? Contrast liquid? Have you been on antibiotics? 

Are you eating more whites than usual (white bread, cake, potatoes? ), did you overdo it at Thanksgiving? 

Have you tried a 2-day protein fast (just meat, fish, chicken, milk products, not breads or carbs...) can help a lot to figure out if it is the food or another problem...

When I get gassy I get off of the bread and cheese (or pizza, pasta, etc) and it usually calms down rather quickly.

A run of probiotics can help too as long as it is not another underlying medical problem.


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