Had j pouch 15 years ago. No problems until the last 2years had 2 cases of pouchitus. Go to cleveland clinic now. Lost all control went to cleveland clinic was told my pouch has become sensitive due to what ever and has spasms and when i do i have pain and i loose control. Put me onopium/belladonna and that helped but cant drive or work and hat the feeling it gives me. I keep trying to stop and i am good for a couple days and than spasms back so back on opium/belladonna. So if spasms loose control cant work and when i go on opium/belladonna cant drive or work. Is this my future? Im 52 and see my future as sad. Cant seem to find happyness and peace anymore. Have great support with family but am so unhappy when i think about my future. Im angry sad and just want to find some peace but feel i lost it. Having really bad day and just want to go to bed and cry. Yes i am on antidepressent. I just give up today.
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Can you contact them and tell them that you need to work? Ask them if there is some other fix for your problems. Are you adverse to returning to an ostomy? Maybe you could have a diverting ostomy for a while to give your pouch a rest.

I'm so sorry that you're going through this. I also wonder if maybe you should have your antidepressant adjusted for a bit.

IMO, I think a good cry is almost always appropriate.

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Hi Frances

It is hard at times isn't it. Especially when you were doing so well for so long you kind of forget all the problems of the past. I can understand why you feel sad and angry...you have a lot you are trying to cope with and with no end in sight. I imagine you feel disappointed that things have gotten so hard. It's hard to keep the chin up all the time! You might want to take some time to do some self-care...whatever works for you that's relaxing and soothing. Do you do meditation? Do you like to take baths by candlelight? How about a massage or a pedicure and manicure. Indulge yourself as a distraction and give yourself a break from the all this - it can do wonders to help you rebuild your strength and resilience. It won't fix things but perhaps it will lift your mood and bring a new hope for the future. I will say a prayer that things start going better for you.
hi..first off follow through ion revisiting your dosage or type of antidepression meds..they cannot change your problem but they sure can change your attitude about how to deal with it..i speak from lots of experience with antidepresants..

is your dr. bo shen? he is my doctor too..

speak to him boutproblem with present drug see if it can be modified or changed so you get results you need to feel well and function..

here is a crazy thought ask about a redo pouch like would that change situation..not suggesting you do this but it might be a ood question t see if that were even a possibility to correct problem..

next if you are talking about spasms,uncontrolled..it sounds like it is behaving like ibs..if so ask about being put on a antispasmatic drug like levbin,levsenex and a host of others out there..look them up on internet and se what i am talking about..this might work for you


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