Been a while since I posted on the forum.  It's been good sailing for a bit.  Have had cuffitis here and there, but canasa does the trick.

However today about 6 hours ago, after eating a Wendy's burger,  I've had waves of pain in the intestinal area.  I thought I'd rough through it but now getting a bit concerned it's a blockage or partial.  Burger had lettuce and tomato but for years, I've been able to handle that.

Pain is on the right side, and maxes at a pain level of about 7/10.  Intervals of 20 minutes of pain, and 20 without.   haven't had this type pain, and I've had Jpouch since 1995. 

If this keeps up a tad longer, will probably hit the ER.   Just wasn't sure if others had this type of pain.  








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I'd try heating pad, liquid diet, preferable grape or prune juice and a little light bouncing to move things along. The ER is more for when nothing can pass and you are throwing up, as in a full blockage. Since this was posted yesterday, I hope you are felling much better today!

I agree.  Heating pad, masssage, liquids especially coffee, hands and knees position, walking lots.  I get small bowel obstructions all the time.  Sometimes I end up in the Er if I have been vomiting or it is going on for 36 hours or the pain is unbearable.  If you are worried please contact your physician or surgeon.

Thanks all for the responses.  Spoke to my surgeon today  on the phone.  He's not so sure it's an obstruction. (no throwing up and able to pass).   I feel better but not out of the woods. Having waves of sharp pain, but around 6/10 pain scale.   If in morning it hasn't subsided, I'll have to go in to see him.   


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