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Hi Guys!

Before my Jpouch surgery I was an extremely athletic individual, still am.. the intensity of the workouts have just slowed down immensely! I had a few questions that kind of shadow each other! First question slowing things down! I feel like the minute I eat anything I'm going to the bathroom instantly I have tried Imodium but maybe I'm doing it wrong! I have a very high vegetable diet so I notice things move through extremely quickly and don't break down great! My second question is with the workouts specifically! I find any jumping motions have me feeling like I'm going to have an accident or pee myself - does this get better with time or can anyone recommend anything to maybe take beforehand? 

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I can’t really answer the second question but I have a loop ileostomy which is very watery unless I take loperamide (generic (cheap) Imodium). one first thing on the morning then again before lunch and before dinner. I don’t really eat breakfast but I find it slows everything right down for the day. Thickens things up to so could help with the feeling of having an accident too. 

I have a Jpouch as well and I have the same issues after I eat. To slow things down my Dr. Prescribed Lomotil 2.5 mg tabs. Works wonders! I take 1-2 tabs before I go to any event in public ike dinning sports events and slows things down great. I had no luck with Imodium even 6 tabs at once.

I have noticed the higher fat content, sugars and how processed the food is that I consume will determine my out put, consistency and frequency. Unfortunately for me raw and fresh cooked vegetables is brutal on my pouch. I haven't been able to eat a salad since my connection.....what I would do for a fresh salad.  Instead I drink a Origins multi-Shake blended with dehydrated fruit, spinach and broccoli (same nutrition value as fresh) once i gave fresh vegetables up it helped a ton. 

As far as jumping and physical activity making me go more frequently I have no issues. I do struggle sleeping on my sides and stomach as it will make me use the restroom within minutes. I have to strictly lay on my back.....flipping weird! 

The best thing I have found to help slow things down for me is Metamucil. I take it three times a day before meals and it has added bulk to my stool and helped give me control. I find that if I take Imodium during the day I get too slowed down and am uncomfortable at night as a result. However, I do find that taking Imodium at night (I try to only take 1) helps me sleep through the night. 

If you think it's what you're eating try a food journal to see if you can pinpoint what it might be. It's a tedious process but it sure helps to eliminate problem foods. 

My personal experience. The Lomatil Not only slow things down but made me extremely sleepy so I quit taking it. I don’t take Metamucil as it didn’t have enough bulking a power for me And the ones that are like Citrucel have citric acid which also don’t bulk as well as have citric acid which can burn.  So, I take psyllium fiber husk, KONSYL brand Or a comparable less expensive brand if you have Amazon you can get 365 Whole Foods brand at Whole Foods or online. They have no fillers and have great  capacity to absorb liquids slow transit etc. In my smoothies I never use anything like citrus fruits that can be burning (Rectum) but everyone is different. For smoothies I stick to strawberries, maybe small amount of blueberries and non-dairy oat or almond milk, honey or agave to sweeten. Optional add some chia seeds which also absorb and highly nutritious. Experiment  

Green smoothies.  Try to stay away from kale or greens that are too fibrous, spinach fir Me was irritating so put a small amount. order to get your greens You might just have to stick to softer lettuces. If you don’t have a high quality blender like a vita mix then go to your local stores that have a smoothie bar and try out a few combinations. Write down the ingredients in the ones that work and try to get yourself one of these high quality blenders (around $300) They usually come with a seven-year warranty sometimes. I find mixing the psyllium fiber husk about 10 minutes before I sit down to eat helps slow things down and absorb any hard to digest particles. Mushrooms corn tomato skins blueberry scans, nights, onion, garlic – these are very hard to break down. You have to learn to chew well and stay away from Hard to digest fibers. I stay away from whole grains and stick with white bread pasta even though the other is highly recommended for most people. You can get your nutrition from there smoothies and slowly incorporate some of these other foods daily as you can tolerate, making sure to chew well to help break it down, and using the fiber drink before meals to Maybe help buffer some of the foods that don’t break down that well. I think will be perfect but it should help improve things.  

Eventually I was able to eat the softer lettuce salads, I peeled the skins from the tomatoes and then cut them, are use chow mein crispy noodles for my croutons, you should be able to add maybe some boiled egg chopped up, diced cheese. I stay away from nuts and seeds or anything at all that has vinegar which is highly acidic and irritating. It’s in many dressings so I would make my own avocado type dressing. Stay away from a lot of Onion garlic or heavy spices. If You do a lot Of cooking and can’t live without garlic and onion, I would definitely just Drain out the pieces after I flavored my food with them before serving. That way you get the essence of the flavor without the item itself in the dish. I definitely can’t do any peppers or pepper at all anymore. Like I said everyone is different but I hope some of these tips help you. I always have to think of bland, soft to medium soft food, chew well, take my fiber drink before meals and Supplement but I can’t eat well into smoothies or blended green drinks so I don’t miss out. I also sip on electrolyte water every day but never drink too much at one time.  

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