A friend recently recommended Slippery Elm Bark and told me it is good for gut inflammation. I have actually never heard of it. My question is has anyone tried it and got any benefit from it.

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I was not aware that slippery elm was indicated for gut inflammation. I am familiar with it as a remedy for sore throats/hoarseness and topically to relieve irritation caused by skin allergies.  I did just google it and it says it can be used for upset stomact/diarrhea. As for IBD, I am not sure.


If you are looking for something for IBD/inflammation, I have been taking turmeric for the past 1.5 years and I am happy with the results. A naturopath who happened to be on the ward with me when I was first diagnosed with UC, actually recommended turmeric, though I did not start taking it until years later. These days, its not uncommon for GIs to recommend it to their patients. It's good for joint pain as well.


I took Slippery Elm on the advice of a Herbalist in the UK along with Turmeric when I had UC. In her book she explains "It contains mucilage which is a kind of starch released by soaking in cold water. This provides a protective coating over the entire digestive system & contributes a mild bulk laxative effect".

1 teaspoon to 1/2 cup water, 1-3 times per day.

Psyllium seed, Linseed & Marshmallow root have the same benefits described as "Demulcents"


I took it for a while, but noticed no change.  I don't think it hurts to give it a try, though.


I too have started turmeric a year or so ago.  Again, hard to say whether it's making a real difference in my gut, but I do feel it helps joint pains.  My brother swears it helps his Crohn's symptoms.

Thank you all for the feedback. I"m undecided if I will try it as I'm not keen on taking something that probably won't work....tried afew things in the past which was just a waste of money.

Afew of you guys mentioned Turmeric? How is that taken. All I know about it is it comes in a powder form and you add it to food.

The only time I had success with slippery elm was when I used in in the form of an enema back in the days when I still had a colon. After a colonoscopy I developed a flare (as usual). I had to take a weekend trip the next day and was looking for some quick relief. I had heard about using slippery elm as part of an enema preparation so gave it a try when I arrived at my hotel. It was a little wet and wild but I felt immediately better and had no problems the rest of that weekend.


I have not been able to repeat that level of success since - whether taking it orally or otherwise. I think it definitely can offer some symptomatic relief but probably under fairly limited circumstances.

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