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That is me all the way!!!! I have had insomina for over 6 years now. i go to the bathroom 14-20X a day, I am always tired!!! I know its hard now but the body adapts, that is what makes us resilient. Since you have no colon, I think this is your new normal. My first year was hard, I have not had an 8hr sleep straight since Takedown. Most of us get up overnight to go to the bathroom at least once.

But do not worry, you will get use to things and it will become second nature. Try to get more naps, that is what I do. If I cannot get a nap in, my body seems to find energy some how as I think yours will too.

Everything will be fine dear

I do not know about anyone else but other than the period just post-op due to anesthesia and pain/suture lines or if I am having another medical problem, I sleep fine...yes, if I am not careful and eat too early or late my pouch will wake me up but I have very active daytime life...exercise, activity, breathing exercises plus work, etc so that by the time I hit the bed I usually pass out...

I have found that the best sleeping aid in the world (for me) is a heating pad...I have a cherry pit one that is about 2 feet long and 6 inches wide...3 mins in the microwave...I lay it down lengthwise on the bed and then lay flat on it...along my spine...the heat penetrates the muscles and within mins (seconds?) my whole nervous system seems to relax, muscle tension seems to release, my lower back unknots...and I fall asleep...(sometimes I turn it the other way, under my hips/lower back/pouch and that reduces all kinds of pain)...

It may not do the trick for you but it could become part of an arsenal of tricks that can help you to fall back to sleep normally.



Have you had any sleep studies performed?  I am a lifelong sufferer from insomnia ( as was my late mother, and my sister, neither of whom had IBD), but I find it comes and goes in unpredictable cycles.  The sleep study I had done found that I had a very low % of REM sleep (4% as opposed to 20% which I think is normal), as well as mild sleep apnea.  I was recommended to use a CPAP and tried it, but I couldn't sleep with it.  Anyway, a sleep study would quantify your amount of REM sleep and whether you have any sleep apnea that needs to be treated.

I did have sleep issues that predated colectomy, however they may have also been related to the large dosages of prednisone I was consuming until I had colectomy.  But like I said, there is no rhyme or reason to the quality of my sleep.  I tend to sleep better when I have had busy, physically exhausting days.  I think exercise and activity helps.

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The only time I had real problems with sleep was when I still an bag. I was always afraid I'd turn over on it on my sleep. Wouldn't that have nice. I guess like CT, before the bag with all the steroids were not conducive to sleep either. Maybe try some tylenol PM or talk to doctor about something a bit stronger. Hope it ends for you soon.


I had worse sleep with the bag emptying it every two hours.but yeah i find it hard to get more than 4 hours but when you do it feels amazing.I was thinking of trying melatonin or b12 plus calcium, magnesium.I remember a guy in hospital who was given a sleeping pill each night and he slept until they woke him up in the morning.I was so jealous but I'd probably wake up to a huge mess.but the first night before he took the sleeping pill he snored the worse I've ever heard but once he took the pill he was maybe it puts your whole body to sleep including your bowels? I don't know.would be nice though.

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I have a bag and have a similar problem.  I recently took 1 mg. of sublingual melatonin every night for a month, and am doing a better.  I've also found that mindful breathing is extremely helpful.  You can find many breathing exercises for sleep if you google that.  I still have to get up at least once a night to empty the bag, but I can manage that.  Hope you find an answer soon, these wakeful nights are miserable.

I’ve had Chronic insomnia for years. Have had pouch since 1995. First used melatonin but I built up a tolerance at 10mgs so had to go off of it. Have used other sleep aids - gravol, CBD, THC, sleep meds, anti anxiety mEd’s, mindful sleep exercises, music, etc. Nothing works fully for me and finding as I age it gets worse.   Right now I am on 10mgs of Amitriptyline (an old anti depressant used for sleep now) and 20mgs indica THC butter in my tea per night. I get between 4-6 hrs sleep now.

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