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I happen to have IPS and SIBO. I will try to explain my symptoms and I hope it will be helpful for you.

in addition to UC,  I was a lifelong sufferer of IBS. The symptoms of IPS kind of mimic IBS.  I have spasms, cramping and frequency of small amounts of stool.  I take levsin sub-lingual to alleviate the IPS when it occurs. I also watch my diet so as to not ingest foods that will induce irritation.

I was tested and had a positive breath test for SIBO.  But I knew I had it because of the very smelly and gross gas and stool. I am awaiting insurance approval for xifaxin, which is the preferred antibiotic to treat it. As a work around, i take 1 or 2  gasx after every meal.

SIBO also causes similar symptoms as IPS, but if I did not know any better I would’ve thought it was all IPS.

Ideally I should cut back on sugar intake, but it’s one of few food/beverage pleasures I have left.

I hope this helps,


@Former Member I completely understand your struggle with excessive gas.  I too suffer from it.  No matter what I do or eat or not eat, that darn gas won't go away! No medication helps. I have SIBO so I started taking xifaxin (my insurance wouldn't approve it but my GI Dr is so awesome that she rounded up free samples of it for me). I just completed my 2 week course and to be honest I didn't feel a change with my gas issue I think that some people's body just produces excessive gas. I would suggest try gasx. It will give you some relief.

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