so I had my second op (j pouch surgery) on May 12th this year. two months after on 2nd july i had the mri pouchogram that showed a sinus. I had an EUA, surgeon said he couldn't really see much, it was a small sinus (i think around 4cm in length). I am asymptomatic which is a good thing and surgeon was confident it will heal.

I just had a second MRI pouchogram today, the sinus has improved but still not fully healed.

I guess this means another scan in 3 months time.

its only been 4 months since the surgery, and from the info avaialbe on the web, it seems like these things take on average 6 months to heal so i guess there is good reason to be optimisitc i can have a successful takedown but there is always the chance it never closes up.

anyone got any words of advice or been through this?
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i just got hold of the radiology reports

on 2nd july 2014 there was a 2mm diameter anastomotic defect associated with small posterior anastomotic leak at 5 o'clock with 1cm diameter track extending for 4cm anterior to sacrum, reaching S4/5 junction

on 8 september 2014 the mri showed the small posterior cavity has decreased markedly in size with only a tiny residual cavity (23 x 4mm) remaining although this still communicates with lumen.

i guess there is reason to be optimistic this thing will completly close up in the next few months?

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