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I started my Simponi injections earlier this month.  I took my initial 200mg (maybe more because the second injection seemed to spray errantly and didn't all get into my body.  As a result, and after consultation with the company rep and my doctor, I took another 100mg dose a couple days later.  Just over 2 weeks later, I took my next 100mg dose. 

I have found that my bowel movements have been less regulated.  I go more often, don't feel as good, and pass loads of gas.  I can't seem to empty out my pouch the way I was accustomed to.  I have also noticed that my stool is harder, and it seems harder to go when I have to go. 

I don't know if this is the Simponi starting to work or if kit is causing more problems and discomfort.  It has been frustrating to say the least. 

If anyone can relate, please let me know... 


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Just another note on this matter...   I absolutely can see a difference as the Simponi has been in my system.  Stool has hardened.  It doesn't seem to decrease my number of daily bowel movements but makes for more gas and more difficulty going.  It used to be that my bowel movements were so quick.  Now it takes longer and it's hard to empty the pouch. 

I am wondering if this is a sign that inflammation is going down and things are getting better or if this is what I'm going to be dealing with into the future, more difficulty. 

There is definitely a change going on...

Gee, it should not be making things worse. Generally, the downside is that it is not effective. Especially with your stools firming up, I agree it sounds like there is less inflammation going on. Maybe you need to consume more fluids now and increase roughage to keep things moving better. Intestinal gas is mostly due to undigested carbs and this can include soluble fiber.

I took Simponi for a year or two and never had your issues.


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