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This might be a silly question but why does gas move around in the j pouch so much? I mean I feel a lot more sensitive to it and can feel it rumbling around A TON more than when I had a rectum and colon - it literally wakes me up at night (and my husband has been woken up by the rumbling too and tries to wake me up so I don’t have an accident!) do you think this bc our colon was a normal functioning body part and the j pouch isn’t really made to do what that body part was- it’s kind of “jerry-rigged.” As a result we just hear it more? or maybe it was bc I was just releasing it before by passing gas naturally and I can’t do that now. Idk

The gas seems to move around a lot. Why doesn’t it just stay still once it gets there? I mean come on gas bubbles- just chill! Lol

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I think it's because of gravity and the small intestine and colon kept it moving south but now if it's not released it goes back up until it finds a way out by being pushed back down again.feels great to finally  fart it out.but I find anything that comes from a cow causes it and probably climate change as well.what even are cows I dont hear of any in the wild.

My absolute favorite time for those sounds was during yoga sessions, preferrably during the final relaxation in complete silence when everyone could hear perfectly.

Dimeticone doesn't help me so much, and I don't want to take loperamide during daytime as it may worsen digestion when the bowel is paralyzed, causing even more bacteria growth and gas.

What troubles me is that I can't pass gas 'on the run' when walking or sitting, there is always fluid with the stool. Even when going to the toilet there is gas remaining inside. I need to lie down afterwards when possible to get it out.

My take down area is enlarged/dialated and doesn’t have peristalsis any longer. Above it is fine and below it is fine......but it makes for a ton of strange sensations and noises. It has to completely liquify to eventually get through. The gas is horrific and painful. But tomorrow is another day. I have a special needs son and I work full time too so no time for sickness here. Mindset is important for me. I just eat small meals and take rx vitamins to keep me going. Better than I have been in a LONG time! The divorce helped too......

I have a pouch vagina fistula. There is an upside to everything! I don't have to worry about getting to a washroom or lying down to pass gas. It blows right though the fistula. Oh lucky me. I have absolutely no control over it and it is horribly embarrassing sometimes but at least I don't often develop those horrible back up gas pains!

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