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Good day everyone,

It has been around 3 months now that I have been diagnosed with Pouchitis. I did not have more than 5-7 stools a per day, no fever. The only thing making me go to the doctor was a bit of bleeding and tiredness. After taking antibiotics, I had a stool frequency of 1-2.

Because I've been told that a bit of.bleeding is not unusual and tiredness is something really unspecific and I also suffer from Addison's I don't have anything on which I directly notice if I should see my doctor. This is especially worrying as I supposedly had a Pouchitis for several months because the antibiotics decreased my stool frequency by so much.

Aren't there any marked or signs to catch a Pouchitis before I'd have to take antibiotics or becoming chronic?

Best regards and thank you!


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Pouchitis sometimes causes bleeding, but not so often that it’s appropriate to diagnose pouchitis with no other evidence. Cuffitis causes bleeding more often than pouchitis. Pouchitis usually clears up in a couple of weeks with antibiotic treatment. Did your doctor do a pouchoscopy to see where the bleeding was coming from?

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