Background info. I have a Koch Pouch after two failed JPouches. I had a total of 15 surgeries to get where I am today which is a success story (even with this minor issue). I am curious if others experience this recurring type of issue.

It seems every fall, I catch some sort of illness and when I get sick, I have severe diarrhea. So much so that it normally gets to the point where I can't stand without getting dizzy and have been hospitalized almost every year after blacking out because of low blood pressure etc... that goes along with the severe dehydration. Once I get the dehydration under control, things are good for the rest of the year.

I set up an appointment with the Cleveland Clinic since I haven't been back since my successful KPouch surgery. I set my appointment up with Dr. Dietz, but am wondering if I should see if I can't also get an appointment with Dr. Shen.

I do not know if this is just a seasonal allergy type of thing, normal seasonal sickness that just hits me doubly hard or some form of pouchitus. It sure would be nice to figure out the answer and some means of avoiding the disruption to my otherwise normal life.

Anybody else experience anything similar? I also remember growing up before my KPouch surgery, that I seemed to always have pouchitus or other issues around May 5th (was always sick for Cinco De Mayo parties).

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It sure sounds like some sort of seasonal allergy thing, unless you habitually eat the same tainted seasonal food this time of year. You'd think your local docs could pin this down, but yeah, if you can, try to see Dr. Dhen, since he's seen more troubled pouches than anyone.

Reminds me of my brother who used to get laryngitis every Halloween. Yep, seasonal allergies that morphed into bacterial infections.

Jan Smiler

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