I've been doing pretty good overall for quite some time. But the past 10 days have been so wretched that I really felt the need to rant.


I've soiled our brand new recliner chair, had to stop a walk early to take another "emergency" shower cuz I had poop leaking thru my maxi pad and clothing and running down my leg, had to take two middle of the night showers cuz I pooped so much that showering was simpler than trying to wipe everything up. I've had poop up my nails and all over my arms. Last night, I told myself that it was "pudding", not poop, so that when it was ALL OVER me, I wasn't too freaked out or grossed out.

I think I have a raging case of pouchitis, but my usual cure protocol ain't working. So here I sit...

Thanks for listening. I don't usually go to this place of pity; today I am just fed up, sleep deprived, and just pissed off.

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Back in the day....full throttle ulcerative colitis days when I had absolutely no bowel control and didn't want the expense of adult diapers, etc....I purchased some adult sized rubberized leak proof pants from a shop called, M.O.M.S, I believe. They were a godsend. Washable and very strong. You sweat a bit while wearing them but I thought of them as a sauna for my backside. Not the best solution but better than what you are going through for now. I'm hoping time will help turn things around for you. That worked for me. Best wishes.
Omg! Sweetie, get your runny butt to the doc, you don't have to live this way! There are so many treatment options out there, like Cipro, Flagyl, pre and pro biotics, and worse case, surgery, but you shouldn't be leaking this much, have you talk to your doctor? They should really have a look inside to see what the problem is. I pray they can help, I know exactly how it feels, it's why I'm having my j pouch removed tomorrow, anything is better then soiling yourself all the time, keep us posted!

Prayers for you and a quick recovery, Jilly. Maybe it is pouchitis and antibiotics will get you back on track. At any rate, I agree you should go to the doctor, especially if this a new problem for you. I can absolutely relate, I was not continent once, the entire time I had my j pouch!
Well, being covered in pudding just sucks! What are you taking for the alleged pouchitis?

I'm with Eric - I think you need a visit to the doc so you can stop the pudding. Please let us know how things are progressing. I'm so sorry that you're going through this sweetie. It makes it hard to enjoy new puppies.

kathy Wink
Jilly. this "lifestyle" for you is simply not acceptable. Please get yourself to a doc. You deserve better. My thoughts are with you.
Jilly, this is just plain crap! No one should live this way. What are you doing to treat, and what are the next steps?

My deepest sympathies...

Jan Smiler

Sorry to hear you're suffering, I guess for some of us really long term solutions prove elusive.

I think most of us pray we never have to go back to those pre-pouchlike days when lack of control was impossible and so frustrating and embarrassing.

I pray that you will find a solution either by tinkering with your protocol or through your docs! No one should have to live like this.

I wish you hope in finding a solution.

I am so sorry Jilly,
This is not acceptable..you cannot have a normal life this way or even get a decent night's sleep...camp out on your doctor's doorstep until you get a response. There are solutions possible...come post on the K pouch section of this forum to talk to others who have lived this with their J pouch and have swithched over (I am not selling them but do believe that there are always solutions with failed j pouches and that is one)
Hi guys,
Thanks so much for all the support, prayers, good words, and wisdom.

The doc upped my Cipro to 1000 mg per day (I was on a maintenance dose of 500 mg), and added something called Florastor twice a day. It's something of a yeast that makes food for the probiotics. I wonder just how long it will be till i get a yeast infection. Time to order the Diflucan NOW! I'm also going to be totally vigilante about using the Anucort 25 mg suppositories every night. So the new stuff is the probiotic food, an extra Cipro, and suppositories consistently every night until further notice.

My mood is still icky. I'm just feeling horrid!

That's my story. Nothing new today, altho i noticed that i've been craving and eating food that i would eat with UC flares. Interesting? I crave white bread and saltines. That's it! Just bread and water, if you please, sir!

thanks again...
I'll keep you posted. with my postings. tee hee!

Update? Doc put me on hydrocortisone enemas with the anucort suppositories and the probiotics and the florastor. But no more cipro for the time being. One thing I did notice was that, if there had been any improvement at all (and I'm not sure if there was), I'm for sure still just as poopy as I was before the increase in antibiotics.

So now it's up the butt for me!

Thanks for checking in on me. I really appreciate that.

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