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i am struggling so bad with Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth. I have been on cipro and Flagyl for 4 years and am getting so Ill! I have tried getting off, switching, and I get immediate cuffitis and then spiral into fissures. I have went through so many doctors because I want off of these antibiotics and know there has to be something to try. If anyone could give me any type of info.... it could save me from getting a permanent ostomy at 26 ! I have post phoned my wedding for a year and also am on birth control for my endometrial if that plays into effect at all. I am so desperate for any knowledge even close to what I am going through, I just want to be able to get married and start a family with my fiancé but the dream is getting further and further away !


thanks in advance guys !

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Hi, Bkinnear.  I don't know a lot about SIBO, but try to put some good bacteria back in your gut system. Antibiotics kill bad bugs, but they also destroy good bugs that your gut needs. Remember to take them (probiotics) at least 4 hours before or after you take antibiotics. I used to drink bio-k, it has 50 billion good bugs in each little bottle.

Cipro and Flagyl are first-line meds for pouchitis, but not for cuffitis or SIBO. My SIBO was treated (successfully) with a few months of doxycycline. Other doctors seem to be using Xifaxan (rifaximin). Cuffitis is often treated with mesalamine suppositories (Canasa) or enemas, or rectal steroids (e.g. proctofoam).

I’ll echo the suggestion of a bacterial probiotic. A couple of weeks of a hefty dose of Visbiome might be helpful.

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My husband gets that on and off throughout the years. His gastro dr. finally sent him to Penn State where there is a specialist who is well versed in Sibo. So far, no flareups after that appointment. 

Thank you so much for your reply, any knowledge could help so much. If you don’t mind me asking what has your husband been doing differently since he has seen the specialist? Different diet ? Meds ?

I will look into that as well, thank you so much again ! I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your time ! 

For me antibiotics are equivalent to drugs . Once I am on them its never easy to get off them. So I altered my diet. I've been on meds since UC and upto 1500gms a day sometimes. After takedown I decided not to take one extra med and never looked back since. All the bad bacteria in my opinion come from unhealthy lifestyle and improper sleep and stress. I fast alot throughout the day, reduced my sugar intake , workout in evening and meditate in morning. I am down to 3-4 bms a day and the only thing I have to supplement now is pysillium husk . All other supps are my protein shakes, vitamin tabs and fish oil caps.

I’ve recently read that adding probiotics (as suggested above) May worsen SIBO. Small instestinal bacterial overgrowth, since you already have an overgrowth ADDING more bacteria through pro-biotics may (and logically it makes sense) worsen things. Try the low FODMAP diet and remember that carbs such as bread and rice turn into sugar and the bad bacteria’s feed of sugar and carbs causing gas and other issues. 

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Try the low FODMAP diet and remember that carbs such as bread and rice turn into sugar and the bad bacteria’s feed of sugar and carbs causing gas and other issues. 

This is very good advice.  It should be added that dietary changes will not necessarily lead to overnight or instant improvement.  It will lead to improvement of SIBO over the long term.  Low FODMAP is a good diet but any less structured diet restricting sugar and processed carbs will do the trick.

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