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Hi all,

I have been having severe tummy ache on and off for a few months, thought may be pouchitis but now exploring the possibility of SIBO. Anyone have any experience or advice? I have also been diagnosed with a 1.1 gallstone. Could this be causing the pain? It comes on really quick and can last for hours at a time. Over the last 4-5 weeks i have had the pain nearly every day.

Thanks in advance xx

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SIBO typically causes plenty of gas. It hurts, too, because of the gas, but if you’re not making plenty of music on the toilet then it’s probably not SIBO. It could possibly be gall bladder/gallstone-related (or plenty of other possibilities) - where in your belly is the pain located?

Pouchitis usually does more than hurt. It can often cause urgency, leakage, and accidents.

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Thanks for your reply. I have lots of gas and can feel it rumbling through my belly. Its central and on the right, towards my back and ribs. I have very watery stool but I've been very careful in what i eat last few days and haven't eaten much (had a mild curry friday night and felt very nauseated after) had more fluids than normal, i feel very bloated too after food. Not really had accidents but i can't fart unless I'm on toilet else i would mess myself xx

Thanks Scott, don't think it's a partial obstruction (was in hospital in Feb with 1). I am under hospital for unexplained anaemia which is when they found my gallstone. I have prescribed co codemol and just started metronidazole, see if it helps. I will call the GI docs secretary tomorrow, see if i can get a face to face appt.

Thanks again for your advice 😁


If you have pouchitis or SIBO the treatment would be the same, a course of antibiotics. Only a pouch scope would distinguish between the two, since the symptoms are pretty much the same.

The gallstone could be an incidental finding and unless you also have an inflamed gallbladder (cholecystitis) or and obstructed bile duct, there would not be any likely surgery needed. Possible, just not likely.

I have had a solitary gallstone for decades and also thought my gallbladder was toast. But, all my symptoms wound up being from chronic pouchitis. Antibiotics took care of that, but I could not get off of them. That was when my GI opted for Remicade and Imuran. I have been in remission ever since, maybe 8 years now.

There are a couple of reasons why we get gallbladder problems. First is the tendency toward dehydration (the same reason we are prone to kidney stones). The other reason is that UC is associated with liver and gallbladder disease.


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