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Over the past 4 months, I’ve started experiencing intense rumbling, gas, and tons of output.  It causes achy, cramps, and awful lower back pain.  I have been cared for by my colorectal surgeon for 26 years, as my GI doc was never reliable.  I guess I relieved on him bc he saved my life and was always there when I needed help.   I was on Cipro every day for years, then, Xifaxan periodocially for bacterial overgrowth.  I’ve had 4 abscesses in 26 years, the last in 2012, that landed me in the hospital for 30 days and a lost year of work. I also had a fistula.  As he is approaching retirement, he referred me to a new GI doc.  She is young and has a 180 degree different philosophy about using meds.  She is not an advocate of probiotics or antibiotics.  She wanted me to go on a special diet ( I think it was FOD something??).  I’m sorry for rambling.  I simply cannot live on a diet like that.  Please don’t say that if it is that bad, then I should do it.  I have a hectic life, my mom has Alzheimer’s, so things can be rough.
I had a MRE last fall which showed no active disease.  
I’m very lost right now.  We are not on the same page at all.  
I guess I would like some thoughtfuL advise.  Should I have a SIBO test? I see my GI on May 15th.
Sometimes I just get tired of worrying about my pouch, getting sick again, feeling like crap

Thank you!  

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I think we all get tired of having to deal with these issues. I’ve noticed that I also get tired of the consequences of not dealing with the issues, so that’s the real choice, of course. Some people swear by a low FODMAP diet, but it really is a big change. One much smaller step to consider would be to try it for a little while, just to have better information about the real life trade-offs (how much relief vs. how much nuisance). Another possibility would be to try one of the biologic medications, which would be much simpler than a big dietary change.

Since you’re not married to this new GI you have the option of finding a different one whose treatment philosophy is more comfortable for you. I hope you feel better soon!

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