I have had my j-pouch happily for the past 3 years (exactly).  Last night I woke to a huge amount of stool in the bed.  Oh my gosh, what a mess.  I am devastated.  This has never happened before.  I just need to put this out there.  I know it can happen from time to time and I thank goodness for waterproof mattress covers but still I am shaken.  I am a nurse working night shifts for the next two nights so I don't have to worry about nighttime accidents, ha ha.  Just day time sleeping incidents.  Fingers crossed.

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Something you ate? Your pouch celebrating its birthday with too much wine?  A flu? A fluke? 

Yes, it can happen, doesn't mean that it will again...keep track of what you ate or didn't take (forget any meds? )

I know that it can wake up all sorts of PTSD symptoms and bad memories but for now, a fluke is a fluke until otherwise proven wrong...

Never thought that you would be pleased about the nightshift..Did you?

Let us know how it goes over the next 2 weeks.


 I am new at posting here but, have been visiting this site for years and have drawn support from this Group. I have had my pouch since 1995 . I have had many incidents of that happening over the years . With me myself  I have to watch what I eat  after half way threw the day and or, would take Imodium tablets if I felt I needed to avoid doing the "Fire Drill " at night.  Other times for example if I have taken a certain med. or, let`s say some Night Time Alkasilzer  I may have to lay down a back-up pad.  When I was going throw the surgeries back in 1995 one of the nurses at the hospital whom has a J-pouch told me that he would eat a burnt toast , peanut butter and banana sandwich before he when to bed.  I have eaten a few FRIED peanut butter and banana sandwiches when I was Down South and they were  very very well prepared so, I could not  go for the burnt version.  But I get it ;  ground nuts, fiber and charcoal.   I also can understand or, that is know from experience how emotionally distressing it can be.        

How terrible. I'm very grateful for my super-tight sphincter muscles - I wouldn't have chosen to have the J Pouch without them.

This has never happened to me even during the worst UC flare-ups. I had to rush to the loo but I have never messed the bed. I literally wouldn't know what to do in that situation.

As this forum is maybe the only place in the world where I can ask this question; what on earth "do" you do when this happens? Any advice would be gratefully received and stored away for the day when it happens to me 

 Yes , this may be one of a few forums  one would fell relatively sound in mentioning such an problem. It is not uncommon from what others have posted but,  you would understand that our large intestines have been removed. That organ and the function it did went with it  and some of the things that it did like extracting more  electrolytes  and turning the contents into " stool " aint happening.   I manage and I really feel for persons with more to deal with as you may  see being a nurse.    The responding triggered me recalling the very well prepared  "fried peanut butter and banana sandwiches" I had down south.  One was a vanilla sponge cake , banana halves flambeed in rum, chunky peanut butter candied with caramel topped with merinque and served  plated.  That would make one forget about a lot of things for awhile.      Thank you also for what nurses do. 

Thanks for all of the great replies.  I have placed the horrible lined bed pad on the mattress and have invested in some Depend briefs.  Hopefully this will suffice until I figure out what is going on.  Back to scrambled eggs, peanut butter and bananas.  Good thing I am baking sweet potatoes for Christmas!

My husband wears ultra thin (overnight) pads at night (the pads for for women's menstrual periods). That helps him if he ever has issues like that. 

Thanks Lablover.  I am using depends because I need more absorbency.  I am thinking now that Imhave some kind of abscess or fluid collection.  I have a large, ropey mass that extends the length of my perineum from my anus right up to vaginal area.  It is incredibly painful to even a gentle touch.  It is tender and I think is leaking some yellow fluid.  I'm going to try to get in to see my GP tomorrow.  She probably won't have a clue as to what she is seeing but maybe antibiotics re in order. Hope this resolves soon.

PS. I love labs too!

 Jaypea , Sorry to hear that it is more than just an embarrassing  issue. Wish you well with medical care and treatment .   

Pooping in your sleep stinks!!! For me it looks like coffee.  But it don't smell like it!!!

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