I've had super sharp pains all morning (and some last night). I'm 7 months pregnant and although I'm not worried about the baby (she or he is still kicking like crazy), I am worried it's a partial obstruction or something. 

I ate mild yesterday (I usually do anyhow), and laying down helped with the pains. Today, ever since I got into work, it's been stabbing sharp pains (similar to severe gas pains) in my stomach. It's been 3 hours and I took gas-ex and it has not gotten any better. I'm considering leaving work early but to be honest I don't want to walk to my car or drive, so I'm putting it off. 

In the past, my surgeon said it may be me working out a partial obstruction and to just do liquids, try to walk it out, etc. I don't know if it's worth calling the surgeon bc I know they can't really do anything if that's what it is. 

Any suggestions? I'm staying away from food for now. I did have 4 bowel movements over night, which is normal for me (even with taking an Imodium at 7pm and one at 1:30am). I haven't gone since 7am, which again is normal. No vomiting or fever, just super sharp pains. 

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No Nausea, but the doc did call me in to check it out. I was a little dehydrated and they think it's scar tissue from the previous surgeries and my belly stretching. It's pretty constant, but manageable. I guess this is just par for the course until baby comes. Keep pushing fluids - slow and steady like you suggested. That'll help they said. 

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