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i want to share this with everyone who is doing or considering doing diet for control of sibo..

perhaps better and easier to follow than paleo is the book called..breaking the vicious cycle..intestinal health through diet by elaine gottshalls..easy to get off amazon

simply it is all based on not feeding the bad bacteria through foods we eat..whats good about it is not only does it explain the why but it lists the allowed foods and the non permitted foods..and it goes beyond the paleo diet by permitting certain dairy products(homemade yoghurt,hard cheeses,butter) and fruits(but with degrees) nuts as allowed and gives reasons..

futher more it has very nice recipes for the allowed example almond flour is used which can be substituted for other flour to make almond bread,pancakes breading...

i am using it as my guide for the removal of starchy carbs and following its low sugar suggestions(food) and using such things as the almond flour(made bread pretty good)

plan to use what works on it for me with hopes i can use some of the foods beyond paleo to enjoy more foods..have yet to make homemade yoghurt..but if removal of carbs and low sugar diet holds for keeping me off antibiotics will try its other suggestions to improve some other issues i have just excepted about pouch i might improve..

hope this helps some of you ..
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I agree, Rebecca. Started following this diet (more or less) about 6 months ago and am doing soooo much better. The homemade yogurt is important (IMO) and replaces probiotics in my new world. I do combine diets, part SCD, part paleo, part gluten-free ... experimentation.

Hope you have the good luck I've had with it. Keep us posted!
Try making homemade kefir. Has way more probiotics than the yogurt.
I'm going to be more pro reactive after the new year. I started cutting back but not fully. Looking back to this last flare I did notice I was not eating so great and I guess that with the combination of multiple antibiotic for a long standing sinus infection did not help.
don't forget about the FODMAP diet. Dr. shen recommended that to me when my SIBO got very bad and I was basically belching in his face during an ileoscope!!!

There is significant scientific evidence behind the FODMAP diet. It helped me a lot initially. 'more strict than paleo. HOWEVER you can eat some starchs like rice, buckwheat, etc.. so it allows you to thicken up things.
12 days off antibiotics now with just my scd diet..i am blown 7 years could not be off antibiotics!!without antibiotics had feeling of and going a lot, i had very severe burning, feeling of irritation that was soooo painful and unbearable really..antibiotics kept it at bay..

with diet have not even counted how often i go now but i know its way down as my need to go as soon as i eat is not there ...i am so amazed and beginning to think this may really work!!!!..if i go back to eating starchy carbs and sugary foods i know it will be back..diagnosed for years as antibiotic dependent pouchitis and only past year as started to make more sense to me with this diagnosis (bacteria over growth) because i know from some family history my son had that and candida from having a cleanse to his intestines..he has his large intestine did not have any autoimmune illness but was suffering from bacteria overgrowth and it turned to severe candida..only by eventually going to a non western doctor who put him on strict diet to avoid bad bacteria causing foods and probiotics did he heal over two years..

i think we might be on to something here and i am greatful shen and others think this is now possible and telling us..but if you do not do it strictly it will not work hats for sure..being drug free is worth the sacrifice..will keep you all informed as more time goes by and i refine my diet even more with homemade far have had excellent results in 12 days eliminating all starchy carbs no exception and most sugar except fruit and what is in my greek yogurt..
Googled the writer you mentioned and was able to download it for free onto my iPad reading it and finding it have been reading book by an Australian nutritionist dealing with carbs
Jennifer Elliott is the writer the book called baby boomer bellies and blood sugars about eliminating carbs and sugars from your diet so was keen to look at this one thanks for the post

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