I've had the j pouch for over 3 years. About 3 months ago I randomly couldn't pee for about an hour. Since then, my stream has been weak. 

I've had 6 UTI's over the past 3 months or so because of this issue. Never had a urinary tract infection before (and I'm 23). 

Urologist did a urinary retention test recently and I had a ton of urine left after I peed. It seems like I'm voiding fully but I'm not.

Flomax is the only thing that seems to help. It's impossible for me to pee without at least pooping a little. It's like the muscles have gotten confused and now I can't urinate fully. 

Any help would be greatly appreciated. This is destroying my life. 

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I’ve had my j pouch for about 7yrs now and am experiencing the same.i believe the healing process is very long and eventually reaches  a plateau.The muscles do get confused so to avoid all conflict take care of all buisness sitting all good just another test of faith in our bumpy road called life.good luck kiddo hope this helped and please don’t let it ruin your life it gives u lemons make lemonade 

G'day Jake,

Have you seen a specialist continence nurse? They have some pretty sophisticated diagnosis tools and specialist physio exercises these days.

I saw one when I got into trouble with my j-pouch – ultimately she was unable to find a solution to my problem (because it's untreatable) but I was impressed with the knowledge and help available. Could be worth a try.

Cheers, Sarah

Well ONLY u know ur body.iIF YOUR NOT eating a ton of VEGETABLES,GREENS, OATS ,FRUITS.then MAYBE  portion control,  fish, chicken or turkey. THEN START THERE FIRST... along side a top notch gastro AND surgeon... if u did ur homework and this is the team u want on ur side then IMMEDIATELY SEE THEM... hope all goes well..

Also IF ur mind is not on savage discipline mode it NEEDS TOBE because ur in the  TOUGHEST FIGHT  of ur life... so with that being said u need to ALWAYS be on top of WHAT WORX ........THE MOST.. take it and MAKE IT ROUTINE... HABITUAL.... your mind is right Then..... U ...JUSTCANTLOSE💪🏻👊💣😠😏

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