I have been suffering from what we now think is Pouchitis or SIBO ever since my takedown in June 2018. It all began with horrible stomach pains and rumbling. I have an internal leak and that was suspected to be causing the pains originally. I am now on Rafaximin and just finished a 5 day course of prednisone, I requested the prednisone as I was convinced with was a UC of Chrons flare. I began taking VSL #3 Probiotics today as I finish my Antibiotics. The main issue I have is gas, I use the toilet several times a day however I have tremendous amount of gas that I can release several times an hour if I try. Letting the gas build up creates intense amounts of pain. They are thinking I have SIBO and that the antibiotics will clear it up, any diets that anyone recommends? I avoid gas causing foods and sugar however I enjoy the occasional egg for protein or glass of almond milk, I have tried gluten free and dairy free. I am miserable and just want the gas and inflammation to slow down. I take melamine suppositories for inflammation and it is somewhat effective. I thought about spreading my meals out more however I am worried this may cause more gas. I will update how the VSL #3 effects my bowel movements, so far the Rafaxamin has caused me to have even more gas and BM's. I take Imodium to thicken things up which helps slightly. I may be eating too much. The only thing that works for me to make me go to the bathroom is drinking Coffee or Ginger tea however the tea makes me release gas slowly all day or night after. The coffee on the other hand is almost instant. The butt burn is bad however I keep it under control with Destin. Any and all advice is appreciated! I know I touched a lot of subjects here..... I just need relief from the gas! 

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Try Pepto Bismol between antibiotic dosages- do not take PB within 2 hours of any antibiotics dosings. PB is highly effective in treating excess gas, SIBO and Pouchitis. Reduce carbs and sugars and eat small meals. That should help. 

Ask for a prescription for Lomotil. I take Lomotil and Imodium together and I also tak VSL#3 DS  and I take Cipro every other day for chronic Pouchitis but I am pain free. Hope this helps!


The things I do to cure any ailment now is to fast for long hours specially when my pouch is rocky. The butt burn, excess gas and cramp in the stomach I had them all . I am sure it was pouchitis. But I didnt want to go back on antibiotics ever so I fasted for 20 hours straight. I wouldnt say it all healed up in that one time but I was relieved. I do intermitent fasting upto 14 hrs so thats helping this alot. Also I eat loads of bananas when I have a rocky day. I'd hate to say it but stay away from high lean protein source for a while , they tend to be gassy. I'd try and reduce it to 3 meals a day, 4th one if you workout. That will give your pouch sufficient rest. And Imodium causes constipation very and loads of gas. I take 1 tablet in morning first thing with my probiotic and pysillium husk.

Pysillium Husk in it's natural state will help; start with a small amount in juice. Then a bit more; gradually.   


I’m on rotating antibiotics, cipro and metronidazole monthly and then a month off.

I’ve stopped diary and cut down on fatty foods dramatically which has def helped also eating little and often and started eating slower and not eating too late at night. 

I def feel for you and hope things get sorted really soon 

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