Has anyone had a seton replaced OUTSIDE of an EUA, as in, in an office setting?  My dr. at CC told me it can be done that way, but I'd like to know how much pain/discomfort/time is involved.  And, I have never been sedated for an office scope, so curious as to whether that would be a requirement. 


Also, this knot is starting to irritate the skin tags or hemorrhoids, or whatever I got growing down there.  Has anyone had a RV (or other) seton without a knot?  I vaguely recall someone talking about having a knotless seton inserted, but it was not RV, and wondered if that might make a difference.

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My new surgeon does a knotless seton, using suture material to make an endless circle. I still have my knotted seton, but will have a scope with him soon, and may have him change it out.

He said he could do it in the office, they sort of "link" the seton a together and "pull it through" the existing tract, so small discomfort (he says), but I have been pretty ok with my current seton so we left it alone. Of course, I'm tapering down *super* slowly off steroids (steroids = little discomfort for me), so not sure if I'm masking things or not. But it also clues everyone in that my issues are likely IBD, because trey respond to steroids.

Thanks Rachel.  I asked about a knotless seton in April of '14 and was told not available.  I'm really hoping it's there now, this knot is becoming more and more annoying/uncomfortable.  I'll probably be going in for the replacement in a month or 2, will update then.

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