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I have a 19 year-old J-pouch. over the last few months, the anastamosis (sp?) has  developed strictures that have had me in the ER several times, sometimes as often as once a week.  As a result of reading posts on the J-Pouch Forum, and discussions with my doctor, I have started to self-dilate with Hegar Uterine Dilators, a couple of weeks ago , going up from 12mm to finally 18 mms, the "optimum" level, I believe.  I started doing it every evening and now are down to twice a week, moving, I hope, to once a week, with the intention of staying there. I keep the dilator in for about 90 seconds, moving it around to stretch the scar-tissue area. I seem to suffer for 24 hrs, or a bit more after each self-dilation with gas and some cramp pain.  My question is, is it normal for that to happen? And, should I maybe just get the dilator in place and NOT try to do more stretching?  Any advice will be very appreciated!

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I have to go back to the surgeon at least once a year for dilation.  Right now I am having problems getting the pouch to empty.  I was quite sick and was on strong medicine, and now I have a problem not sure how to deal with.  I go three days and sometimes have to use a enema to get it empty,  I have to call my Doctor tomorrow to see what he suggest,




Could your  meds be causing your pouch problems?   I know how sick you can get when pouch will not empty. I went through two weeks of torture before I was dilated.  I should have gone to ER well before my planned procedure.  Be very careful. My surgeon indicated I could have perforated my pouch in that condition.  Have you tried miralax? I'm sorry you are experiencing this. 

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