As i write this i am prepping for a flexible sigmoioscopy. Nothing to eat , only clear fluids since yesterday, fleet enema this morning and another 3 hours before test. I have had LOTS of these scopes as prob most of you on this site. my first GI would call it "taking a peek" , my surgeon rarely gave me notice and would often spontaniously ask me to roll on my side! I knew what was coming! This is the first time i will have sedation. My GI is doing it and wants to take lots of biopsies and take a good look around. My question up for discussion is: Sedation? or no sedation? Would you rather have it done quickly and be on your way or be sedated , prolonging the bounce back time but giving the doc more freedom?
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I always opt for no sedation. If you have done it for with no sedation I imagine you will be fine as you know what to expect. Taking biopsies is not painful.

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I prefer not to have sedation, but the doc insisted. I agree with him, though. It has been 2 years since my last scope and I have been having some issues that hopefully a good long look in there will deliver some answers.

I have stuff I want to do today and the sedation will probably be putting a wrench in my plans, but it'll all get done eventually!
I always opt for sedation..I tell my GI/surgeon it is the only pleasant thing about the whole experience. Also, if they do biopsies, you really want to be under for this.
I am going in for my scope June 22, 2 weeks from today. I opt for conscious sedation. I could probably tolerate the procedure without sedation but as I grow older, I see less and less need to prove my machismo, Clint Eastwood or John Wayne style, to avoid being labelled a wimp. I get one of the secretaries or my office manager to drive me to and from the medical center where the procedure is done, which is a 5 minute drive from our office. I experience grogginess for about an hour after the sedation wears off, have a strong cup of coffee and then I will be back at work, drafting a motion for summary judgment or motion in limine or a deposition report.
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I never have sedation, and my doc always takes lots of biopsies. There are no pain sensors in the intestines, so all you feel from the biopsies is a little tug. There's some cramping from the air they inflate the pouch with. I have about a half hour drive to where the scope is done and work out of my home. I don't like having to ask my husband or son take time off to escort me unless it is necessary.

Hopefully, this will be a one time thing for you and subsequent ones you will be able to choose for yourself.

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I, too, opt for no sedation. I like watching everything on the monitor. Biopsies don't hurt at all. I had a little bleeder after one of the biopsies and it was so strange to see smoke in my insides while the doc was cauterizing the bleeder. I must have gasped (not from discomfort) because my doc asked me if I was okay....then explained what I was seeing. Really "cool" was watching the peristalsis in real life instead of just reading about it in a physiology textbook! Our bodies are amazing! Glad I was awake to take it all in.

I posted this in May Under the "Rave: section as "Pouch Check".
For me I wouldn't bother with the anesthetic in the future.

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Just had my sigmoscopy and pouch check by the surgeon yesterday at the hospital. (It will be 3 years since my pouch surgery in August).

They asked me if I wanted anasetic or not and I hesitated as I knew the check was fairly brief but I also kind of remembered the previous check a couple of years ago had been somewhat unpleasant. I finally decided against it.

The end result I now know what was most unpleasant - it wasn't the sigmoscopy but the "hamfisted" surgeon greasing the path!

Oh well since everything seems Ok I guess we'll get over it!


Just get a surgeon with small hands (likely female).

Best of luck.

I'm a baby. I always opt for sedation. The first time my surgeon went to 'take a peek' he was a little cold when I said I wanted to be sedated. I was only 17 years old and not being sedated scared me. I still ask to be sedated with him and my new GI (who also was a little cold, saying he does sigmoidoscopies without sedation and that's higher up). In all honesty, I'd love to be sedated for the fleet enema I always have to take. That is the most dreadful thing ever.

I have no problem not being able to drive after, and truly enjoy my little nap.
I have thought about asking for a light sedation (twilight) next time to see if it's okay. My brother had a colonoscopy with light sedation and he had no problem with that.
Big chicken here. I always opt for the sedation. And the sedation is one of the best drug cocktails ever. I'm just saddened that the leftovers can't go home in a doggy bag. But I'm pretty sure that I'd be able to do the procedure without sedation if I had to. So do whatever you'd be most comfortable with.

And I'm sure you've had the procedure by now so it's all moot (or mute as I heard a tv news anchor say.... Eeker)

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interesting replies!

Well the procedure is done. The nurses saw that i had never been sedated before (in my chart) and they asked if i really wanted it. I told them that the doc insisted because he wanted to "hang out in there for a while" and they laughed! I bet none of them ever had this done cause when a GI says those words, get sedated! The nap was nice, but since the appointment was for 1:45 pm, my day was completely consumed.

This time compared to the others had one big difference, the out-put afterwards! in the past (with no sedation) one or two trips to the bathroom would rid me of the air and fluid used during the test. This time it has been 6 trips! and I still feel full, bloated and crampy. Since the doc had free reign of my pouch, I think he took a bubble bath in there!

Great chatting with you all. I'll let you know if any unfavorable results come back.

Until next time,
I suspect he went way beyond the pouch and that is why there is so much air and taking so long to expel. Hope he had a nice time in there!

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I just had a flex pouch scope without medication and I have cuffitis. He went 2 feet past my pouch and took a lot of biopsies. It was painful a few times but I was glad I didn't have the medication. I learned a lot from watching it and he explained everything to me. I also practically got off the table and walked out as soon as he was over. I had to stop for them to pull out the IV place they never used and the EKG leads plus I changed back into my clothes - no recovery room time.
I always want sedation. I close my eyes and when I open them again, it's over. I sleep for an hour in recovery room, slowly drink tea, and then go home. That's just the way I like it.
The last time I had my pouch scoped without sedation it was very difficult for me. I was able to push the scope out because I was experiencing so much discomfort. Because the doctor had seen some polyps he decided to not take them out then but to wait and take them out when I was under with anesthesia and when he could take his time. Now I have anesthesia every time. I would not have it any other way. Since he finds polyps every time he scopes, I think it is better I am put under so he can take his time and he will not worry about me jumping around.
I was able to push the scope out because I was experiencing so much discomfort.

How were you able to do this? Did you pull it out or did you just push it out by squeezing your butt cheeks together?

Sounds like you need to be sedated buddy.
Sorry about the polyps. I agree with Jan about the biopsies not hurting but polyp removal is an entirely different thing. You tried it and now you know to always get medicated!
Polyp removal shouldn't hurt either, but it can take more time. I've had a number of them removed, but not more than one or two during a single scope. You definitely need to be reasonably still, so the doc can snare the right thing. Some people are just more sensitive to the pain from the air that is pumped in. Plus, if you are inflamed, your gut is going to be less distendable. Even with sedation, when I had colonoscopies while in a flare, there was much more pain/discomfort. In addition, if you are very anxious going in, that will also lower your threshold.

We are all different, and it is important to know yourself.

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I must have been lucky because the only strange sensation I experience from scoping without anasthesia was when the surgeon inserted air into the area he was examining. I watched him remove polyps and watching the process was also strange...using the snare to grab and remove them. When one removal resulted in more bleeding than the surgeon was pleased with, he cauterized the area....watching my inards smoke was the third weird part of the experience! No pain, however, and I'm glad I was able to see all of this on the monitor. We have amazing bodies.....with or without all the parts with which we were born!

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