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Hello Everyone,

I’m new here so here’s a little background: I was diagnosed with UC around 8 years old in 1993 after being symptomatic since the age of 2. I spent many years with UC being uncontrollable resulting in my colon being extremely diseased and eventually going into shock due to blood loss, resulting in an emergency collectomy (surgery 1) when I was 12 years old and about a year later had a jpouch (surgery 2) build and then (surgery 3) to get everything hooked up. I have been generally healthy since then aside from being diagnosed with other autoimmune disease which has been controlled with medication. So I have had my pouch for about 21 years now.

When I was 29 I had my first son via c-section and a relatively uneventful pregnancy, I did have 1 miscarriage before I became pregnant with my son.

my question is: has anyone suffered secondary infertility resulting from jpouch complications or other autoimmune disease? Can anyone offer any resources or advice? We have now been trying nearly 4 years for baby #2 and after 2 more miscarriages and an ectopic I’m starting to wonder why the doctors can’t find any cause and if there is another direction I can look. Desperately hoping not to have to do IVF as it is 100% NOT covered by insurance but fear that is where we are headed fast.

sorry this is long and thank you in advance for any inputs.


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Yes absolutely! I was torn up with scar tissue and tons of endometriosis that nobody knew was there. My husband and I started about 4 years ago trying to get pregnant and eventually needed IVF. After our first round we got pregnant and have 9 month old boy/girl twins! 

There is a ton of info published on issues with infertility and j pouch surgery... and unfortunately if you had it emergently they may not have had the time to really protect the tiny female pelvic organs from scarring (although my surgeon did and I still had problems) 

wish you the best of luck!! 

I am going through a situation right now where I cant get pregnant naturally. We have a family friend who is a fertility doctor and I went to see her in January. Due to all of my health issues with UC, jpouch surgery and fistula surgeries I'm a complicated case. She ran many tests, one being a dye test where she found one of my fallopian tubes is completely blocked. I had surgery in july to try and unblock it but it was too mangled from scar tissue that she had to leave it in and cut the connection to the uterus. My left tube is open but is stuck to scar tissue as well so my only option at this point is IVF. Endometriosis was a concern but luckily I didnt have any sign of that. 

It may be worth it just to get checked out and see what's going on. Hope this helps!

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